• OS CloudLinux, Apache 2.4, LSAPI, Nginx
    • ionCube Loader, CURL, Zend, Cron
    • Daily backups
    • DDoS protection
    • MySQL 5.7
    • PHP: 5.2/5.3/5.4/5.5/5.6/7.0/7.1/7.2/7.3/7.4/8.0/8.1/8.2
    • Wordpress toolkit
    • Panel: Cpanel
    • FTP access
    • phpMyadmin, phpPgAdmin


    Welcome to our affordable and feature-rich shared hosting service. Create and manage your website effortlessly. Virtual hosting offers a server resource rental service that is fully configured and ready to use. Our fast and reliable hosting is perfect for personal or business use. Boost your website's efficiency with our hosting packages. Experience optimal performance and uninterrupted availability. Choose from flexible plans tailored to your needs. Trust us for an exceptional hosting experience. This is an inexpensive service for small projects. The equipment is stored in a high-tech, modern, reliable data centre.

    • Saving €4.29
      SSD10 000Mb
      Sites 1
      Subdomains 5
      Databases 2
      RAM 1024Mb
      Order period
    • Saving €7.75
      SSD20 000Mb
      Sites 10
      Subdomains 20
      RAM 1280Mb
      Order period
    • Saving €12.07
      SSD30 000Mb
      Sites 30
      Subdomains 40
      RAM 1536Mb
      Order period
    • Saving €19.84
      SSD50 000Mb
      RAM 2048Mb
      Order period

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    • Unlimited traffic

    • DDoS protection

    • Unlimited FTP accounts

    • Free SSL certificate

    • Daily backups

    • Unlimited traffic

    • DDoS protection

    • Unlimited FTP accounts

    • Free SSL certificate

    • Daily backups

    • Extras included when paying for a year or more

    • .info domain name
    • Priority support


    • DISKS

      4xSamsung NVME SSD 970 EVO 1TB

    • RAM

      256 GB DDR4 ECC

    • CPU

      2 x Intel Xeon E5-2630v3

    • RAID

      Software RAID 10

    • PORT

      10 Gb/s

    What Websites
    Need Shared Hosting?

    01 02 03 04
    • landing

      Landing page or a business card website

      If you have a landing page, an informative site, or a business card site, the most economical and profitable option is to buy a virtual server. All configurations for the complete operation of the site are already completed and use the control panel. You can easily manage domains and SSL certificates.

    • webstore

      Personal blog

      Content management systems (CMS) are often used for blogging. ZOMRO is a profitable website hosting company that supports many well-known CMS programs and will install them at the client's request.

    • corporate

      Online store

      You can run a small or medium-sized online store on shared hosting servers for stable connection and without failures. The hosting control panel has everything available that you need. You don't need special technical knowledge to do this - everything is automated with ZOMRO.

    • blog

      Corporate website

      Shared hosting is suitable for companies that post a vast amount of information on their website, including product catalogues, sections with promotions, blocks of photo and video galleries to show off products or services, contacts, and other sections.

    Reviews about Zomro shared hosting

    Serhio D.


    star star star star star

    The best cooperation.

    Ease of use, high page load speed, and excellent support - everything you need. I chose shared hosting at the favorable rate. I have been working with them for a year now, and I have never been disappointed.

    Ira SV


    star star star star star

    I use the CORPORATE tariff

    I can't help but express my gratitude for Zomro's shared hosting. I use the CORPORATE tariff for €12.13 for a year. The personal account is great - usability is top notch. But what makes Zomro truly outstanding is their support. No difficulties are a barrier - they are ready to help in any situation.

    Nazar Onishko


    star star star star star

    Satisfied with the speed and reliability.

    I chose Zomro for virtual hosting for my clients. They have a simple interface, convenient management, and excellent support. My clients are satisfied with the speed and reliability of the sites, which adds to my reputation.


    What is virtual hosting and why do you need it?

    Virtual hosting is a set of specific resources with a pre-installed control panel, provided on a rental basis and according to the selected tariff, for users to host websites. If you have a small website, an online store, a portfolio site, a blog, or a landing page that doesn't require extensive resources, or if you want to test your project, you can use our virtual hosting service. Since the hosting already comes with a pre-installed control panel, uploading your project files is a breeze. You can also deploy content management systems (CMS) from our templates with just one click, saving you the hassle of searching, downloading, and installing.

    What's the difference between virtual hosting (shared hosting) and VPS?

    Virtual hosting is designed to be a cost-effective, fast, and ready-made solution for your specific needs. While it may offer fewer customization options compared to a virtual private server (VPS), it still provides a wide range of functionality and capabilities. All shared hosting plans include built-in protection against DDoS attacks at OSI levels 2, 3, 4, and 7. It features DDR4 memory and uses high-speed SSD NVME disks for data read/write. For VPS plans, you would need to pay extra for DDoS protection and NVME technology. With shared hosting, you get immediate access after ordering and payment, unlike waiting for virtual server activation. Automatic daily backups are set up to safeguard your data in case of unexpected incidents. If you're not very familiar with Linux OS specifics and server operations, shared hosting is an excellent choice.

    What are the available virtual hosting plans?

    We offer four plans for virtual hosting: AFFORDABLE, FAVOURABLE, OPTIMAL, and CORPORATE. These plans differ in the allocated resources, the number of websites and subdomains, and the rental cost. The most affordable plan starts at €2.62/month, while the highest tier is €12.13/month. All plans come with CloudLinux OS, Apache version 2.4, Nginx, MySQL 5.7, Cpanel control panel, and PHP versions from 5.2 to 8.2. You'll also have FTP access for file management and phpMyadmin and phpPgAdmin for database handling.

    How to choose a shared hosting plan?

    To select the right plan for your project, consider its resource requirements for stable performance. You can inquire with your developers or check the official website of the script you intend to use. The most important parameters to consider include the number of websites supported on the plan, available RAM, and storage capacity. If you're having trouble making a decision, feel free to reach out via chat on our website or call the number listed in the "Contacts" section. We operate 24/7 and are ready to assist you at any time.

    Virtual hosting rental periods. How to get an additional discount for longer-term rental?

    For new customers and those who haven't used our virtual hosting service before, you can receive a free one-month trial with a balance of at least €1. You can rent shared hosting for periods ranging from 1 to 12 months. When you pay for 3, 6, or 12 months upfront, you automatically get a discount of 3%, 6%, or 12%, respectively, for the entire selected rental period. If you opt for a yearly payment, you'll also receive a free .info domain and priority customer support.

    How reliable is the virtual hosting service, and what kind of equipment is used?

    Our servers are located in a secure data center in the Netherlands, where all security measures and equipment maintenance are diligently upheld. We provide 24/7 reliable technical support. Our server uptime is 99.9%, ensuring continuous availability and stable performance. We use modern equipment from reputable brands like Hewlett Packard, Samsung, IBM, Intel, and Dell.

    How to easily upgrade your virtual hosting plan if you find your current one insufficient?

    Imagine you've chosen and paid for a long-term plan that matches your website or script's recommendations. However, during development or enhancements, you realize you need more resources. Do you need to order a new service and transfer everything? Not at all. Just go to your account and choose a higher-tier plan. Your plan will be expanded, all data will be retained, and your payment period will be recalculated.

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