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    The loss of important data often becomes irreparable for a company, and there are many different reasons for this: from viruses and formatting media to software and equipment failure. Therefore, you should not only make regular backups, but also keep them in a safe place. FTP storage is a reliable and convenient server for backups.


      • 01 Choose the plan that suits you most
      • 02 To order, fill in short registration form
      • 03 Get your login and password for your storage, and upload your data
      • 04 Now you can be sure that your data are reliably protected

      What do you get when you choose FTP storage from ZOMRO?

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        Easy to use


        FTP servers are solutions that are used to facilitate file transfer over the Internet. Instead of sharing one file at a time, you can send large amounts of information instantly. You even have the option to keep working while transferring large-scale data, or to schedule this process overnight or weekend.

        In addition, the presence of an FTP server allows you to save all files in one place. This reduces the amount of time your team spends looking for a specific piece of data and the possibility of losing files.

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        Easy setup


        FTP is often used by companies or individuals to transfer files from one computer system to another and by websites to download files from their servers. File management is more than just uploading and downloading the data you need.

        Creating different folders and customizing their structure is an important step. You also have the option of allowing users at administrator level to perform various actions: who can upload, edit, delete or share information and manage access to the various folders.

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        Urgent file recovery


        You never know when you might run into problems with lost or compromised data. With ZOMRO rates, we ensure that your files, from ordinary to significant and confidential content, will never be lost.

        Storing data with ZOMRO is profitable! We offer the benefits of FTP without any security or maintenance issues. This is exactly what your business needs.


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        All data are sent over our high-bandwidth network and stored on four drives installed in a server with redundant power supply

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        You control when and how often each backup is performed, as well as how long the files are stored. Create custom schedules that suit you best

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        Block compression and deduplication reduce storage costs up to 20 times compared to uncompressed backups

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        Backups are easily created, scheduled and managed using our control panel or API. Downloading files and restoring backups takes just a few minutes

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        When working with backups via our control panel, your connection is protected with an enterprise level SSL encryption. In addition to that, we use only new RAID 10 drives, which guarantees maximum data security