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    We support Ukraine in this difficult struggle for freedom and independence. In the fight for life. Each of us can help. Doing good deeds is easier than you think! Our company constantly allocates funds to support Ukraine and charitable organizations. We buy humanitarian aid, things, clothes, medicines and everything you need and donate to those in need.


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    • 12 September 2022

      It's getting cold soon and so in September we took care of our soldiers and bought warm winter clothes, peacoats to keep them warm in the cold evenings and nights and a gasoline generator Heron Power Station. We also purchased a protective accessory that is no less necessary for a modern soldier than a high-quality bulletproof vest or ballistic glasses - these are tactical headphones that protect hearing during shooting.

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    • 15 August 2022

      In August, Zomro purchased Household Gas Cylinders Sigma and Domestic Cooking Gas Cylinders for the Armed Forces. We also took care of insulation for our defenders and bought sets of thermal underwear. Food products, canned stew meat, oil, cereal protein bars, fast food and household chemicals - laundry and cleaning products, personal hygiene products and other essentials.

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    • 11 July 2022

      In July, Zomro purchased thermal imagers Eye Series E3w/C2w for our defenders. The main purpose of thermal imagers is non-contact temperature measurement of various objects, searching for people, etc. The military thermal imager is also the 'eyes' of our soldiers at night. With the help of these devices, the military can 'see' the enemy in conditions of limited visibility. We provided the military brigades with foodstuffs - cereals, sweets, canned goods, drinks, tea and coffee.

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