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    We support Ukraine in this difficult struggle for freedom and independence. In the fight for life. Each of us can help. Doing good deeds is easier than you think! Our company constantly allocates funds to support Ukraine and charitable organizations. We buy humanitarian aid, things, clothes, medicines and everything you need and donate to those in need.


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    • 30 April 2023

      In April, we bought laptops, a printer and other equipment to help us fight and protect Ukraine. We bought medical kits and medicines, because people's health and lives are our priority... We've given away a lot of powerbanks, because it's very hard to be with energetic and connected in the field. Tool kits are also needed all the time, because even minor repairs to equipment need to be done quickly and everything needs to be at hand.

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    • 30 March 2023

      In March, we bought a chainsaw on request, which is very useful and necessary in the field. We also purchased a batch of durable magazines for assault rifles. The latest technologies and materials are used to produce the magazines, the body is made of impact-resistant polymer, the spring is made of stainless steel, the feeder does not bend and does not require additional lubrication, and no tools are needed to disassemble the magazine. We purchased many sets of clothing and consumables for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We sent a powerful Tagred generator to ensure constant uninterrupted power supply.

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    • 16 February 2023

      In February, we purchased a quadcopter on request, which is already helping to conduct reconnaissance for Ukraine's defenders and save lives. Drones of various types are now very necessary for all military units and there is a constant need. We also bought clothes and a set of high-quality stove carrier with plates to keep the military in good health and safe in a critical situation.

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    • 21 January 2023

      In January, we sent food, snacks, energy bars, freeze-dried food, and sweets, so defenders always had energy and a full stomach. We also bought many durable reusable raincoats to protect against rain and moisture. We bought a batch of new helmets that save soldiers' lives and starter-charger Dnipro-M JS-80.

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    • 14 December 2022

      It is cold and snowy weather, and generators are one of the most necessary items, so we have purchased TAGRED TA4100D diesel generators to provide electricity to the soldiers. We also had a request for bulletproof helmets that save the lives of our soldiers. We helped and bought warm winter clothes - pants, jackets and other things. Also, arm and leg warmers are an urgent necessity in cold weather.

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    • 23 November 2022

      It becomes colder and colder, winter is coming, so we have purchased a powerful VTV Gasoline Generator 6500, which is currently a big necessity for our defenders, as it can provide them with electricity and heat. We also purchased raincoats, warm clothes, protective body armour and bulletproof helmets to preserve the health and lives of the soldiers. We sent a batch of power banks and a laptop for efficient work anywhere.

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    • 08 October 2022

      We care about the defenders of Ukraine, so we purchased the Edon avr automatic generator, which is necessary for the soldiers' work. Sweets, cookies, candies, bars, coffee, tea and other nutritious food were also sent for our defenders to make them feel satisfied and full. Power banks and LED lights are always a great necessity for our soldiers, so we sent them a large batch of chargers to be always in touch. They delivered warm clothes and the necessary materials because the need for clothes is always relevant.

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    • 12 September 2022

      It's getting cold soon and so in September we took care of our soldiers and bought warm winter clothes, peacoats to keep them warm in the cold evenings and nights and a gasoline generator Heron Power Station. We also purchased a protective accessory that is no less necessary for a modern soldier than a high-quality bulletproof vest or ballistic glasses - these are tactical headphones that protect hearing during shooting.

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    • 15 August 2022

      In August, Zomro purchased Household Gas Cylinders Sigma and Domestic Cooking Gas Cylinders for the Armed Forces. We also took care of insulation for our defenders and bought sets of thermal underwear. Food products, canned stew meat, oil, cereal protein bars, fast food and household chemicals - laundry and cleaning products, personal hygiene products and other essentials.

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    • 11 July 2022

      In July, Zomro purchased thermal imagers Eye Series E3w/C2w for our defenders. The main purpose of thermal imagers is non-contact temperature measurement of various objects, searching for people, etc. The military thermal imager is also the 'eyes' of our soldiers at night. With the help of these devices, the military can 'see' the enemy in conditions of limited visibility. We provided the military brigades with foodstuffs - cereals, sweets, canned goods, drinks, tea and coffee.

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