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    Creating a website with a good interface and content is important for any field, but this is only half of the success, because its maintenance is no less important. Updating your project, monitoring the general condition and performance is crucial to ensuring its full operation, as well as attracting and retaining visitors.

    Whether you are a small business or a larger, corporate or government organization, we can meet your requirements. Our maintenance and care of the site can become the most effective solution for the trouble-free functioning of your resource. If you decide to take a vacation, have a very busy work schedule or just want to do your own business and not worry about the site going down, our support specialists will definitely help you. We offer quick and effective solutions that you cannot do without.



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      Monitoring by our technicians 24/7

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      Solving emerging issues without your involvement

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      Operability test every 5 minutes

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      Updating server, installing software, etc.

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      Individual approach


    • You do not have time to monitor a project

    • You do not want to concern themselves with technical details

    • You are away and do not have technical access

    • You wish to solve problems in a timely manner

    • You want to go about their business without worrying about their website crashing

    DISCOUNT -20%

    For the first month of using the service. You will also receive a 100 Gb FTP storage for 1 month as a gift. Take care of the safety of your data today.

    Why are website support services so important?

    • Any site requires constant monitoring by the maintenance team. ZOMRO specialists check your site 24/7. If the project slows down or shows the presence of malicious software, experts will solve the problem before it affects the project.

    • Regular server updates will help you work with the project without any problems. We will constantly update your server and fix bugs so you don't have to worry about security vulnerabilities. Our team of experienced specialists will download any software you may need and handle any issues during its installation.

    • Specialists will analyze the performance of your site every 5 minutes and, if necessary, correct system vulnerabilities. We have all the tools and knowledge to solve your problems. We will make sure that your project is safe and works as fast as possible.


    We promptly inform the client about a problem in the ticket system so that the client can fix it itself


    We promptly inform the client about a problem in the ticket system so that the client can fix it itself

    • 01

      Specific software settings were lost

    • 02

      Server malware infection

    • 03

      Website source code problem

    • 04

      A server hosting a website has stopped working due to non-payment

    • 05

      Fixing a crash requires deep knowledge of the working environment on the server or client's domain.

    • 06

      A page does not load because the client configures a server or changes a website