We support IT startups

    1 Any CLOUD VPS OR shared hosting plan for 3 months at no cost

    Do you run your own startup? We will help you turn it into a successful project as we are ready to support you the whole way, helping you in your endeavour. Start with our hosting, which will allow you to make your work easier, move quickly and focus on customer satisfaction.

    Connection and all settings will be adjusted within a few minutes. With our hosting service, you can enter the online market and be confident your project will operate with stability.

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    • What's included:

      Everything you need to start and develop the project

      One service for one customer

      24/7 technical support - we are always ready to help if you have any questions

    • What kind of IT startups can join this program:

      Registered technology startups

      Development area/design/digital

      System administration

    • Projects not allowed:

      Any projects not related to the IT industry

      Prohibited content

      A company / team in operation for more than one (1) year


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      You can submit a request by email to [email protected]

      We will review your project, then our support specialists will contact you to clarify additional information.

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      Tell us about your project

      Tell us about your company and / or team. What does your team intend to do? Where are you located geographically (country / city)?

      Describe the required hosting or server parameters for your project. Mention the size of your website and its database.

      State the desired or existing website (domain) name for your project.

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      Wait for our response

      If you need any additional information, our support team experts will contact you shortly after reviewing the request

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    FAQs about IT startups

    What is Needed for a Successful Startup?

    It's no secret that, first and foremost, a successful startup requires a good, unique idea. The next equally challenging stage is implementation. Successful implementation demands perseverance, patience, and hard work towards results. Doing it all on your own will be very difficult and time-consuming, so you need a good team of like-minded individuals. Equally important is having the initial capital for implementation. In this regard, we, as a hosting provider, are ready to assist you.

    What Support Can IT Startups Get?

    If your startup is directly related to IT, and you need a service to host your project on the internet, we can help. We are ready to provide a service for your startup free of charge during its development.

    Where Can You Seek Support for Your Startup Idea?

    You only need to send an application to [email protected] and wait for a response from our support team specialist, who will contact you to gather additional information.

    What is an IT Startup?

    An IT startup is a project in the field of IT technologies that requires a platform to implement its technical components without investing your own resources, allowing you to accumulate funds for other aspects. Given today's advancements in digital technologies, the internet, and artificial intelligence, numerous niches, opportunities, and ideas arise for everyone. So why not give it a try?

    What is The Most Important in a Startup?

    The most important thing is to find your audience or consumers who will be interested in your product, technology, or service. To keep growing, you need to keep improving and evolving. You should be prepared for the fact that all the initial profits in the early stages will be used to develop the project.

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