A domain is an irreplaceable identifier that helps people find you on the Internet and makes a first impression. Still can't decide on an online name? Visit ZOMRO now to review the exclusivity of our offers. Choosing a name is important for your website as it represents your brand or business. You can choose from a short domain with relevant keywords, or saturate it with letters, numbers, or hyphens. However, we recommend avoiding any special characters so visitors can easily remember and access your website. When you buy a domain name, your personal information is registered with the domain and can be found in the public WHOIS directory. To keep the data private, you can change the settings yourself, hiding this information.

    Only Latin letters, numbers and hyphens are allowed. A hyphen cannot appear at the end of a domain name.
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    Only Latin letters, numbers and hyphens are allowed. A hyphen cannot appear at the end of a domain name.
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    Domain registration and purchase

    There are many domain options available. The first thing you need to check is whether the online name you want is still available. To get started, enter the name in the search box on this site and review the results. If your domain name is available, you will see the registration price immediately. If this address is already taken, ZOMRO provides several suggestions and name extensions to choose from. A domain gives you the ability to stand out from other sites on the Internet. The .com ending is just one of the many options available on ZOMRO. We sell a wide range of domain extensions, such as: .net, .org, .me, .pro, .host, .lol, .space, .online, .website, and others.

    Utilizing a branded domain for your website is the perfect way to express your brand in a bright and creative way. Another reason a company would register a domain name is to protect copyrights and trademarks, increase credibility, brand awareness, and search engine positioning. Still have questions? Our tech support is available 24/7 and is ready to help you. Ensure your uniqueness and purchase a domain today!

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    I migrated my website and .net domain to Zomro

    I migrated my website and .net domain to Zomro, the support helped me to move quickly and for free. The whole migration process went smoothly, without any technical problems. Since the transfer, the performance of the site has improved noticeably, the speed of loading pages has become faster. Excellent hosting and domains.

    Fire Dragon


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    I also bought a domain

    I've been using the hosting for almost a year, and since the beginning of our cooperation, they have transferred my website from another provider for FREE. Errors are very rare and the specialists fix them immediately. The price is great! The speed is great! I also bought a domain, the prices are cheap and there is a large selection of domain zones.

    Aaron Smith

    United States

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    Received a free .info domain as a gift

    I ordered hosting for a year and was pleasantly surprised to receive a free .info domain as a gift. The process went smoothly and the added bonus really improved the overall experience.

    FAQ about domains

    How to register a domain?

    Before registering, you can check the availability of the domain. You can do this by going to the "Products" tab - "Domains" and specifying the domain name in the form. If the domain is available in the specified domain zone, you can order it; if not, possible alternative available zones will be suggested. After clicking the "Buy" button you will need to register or log in to your account. Depending on the domain zone, you may be asked for additional information about the organization or individual you are registering for. You will also need to provide an email address to receive notifications from the registrar. Once you have filled in all the required fields, proceed to the payment section and after a while the domain will be ready for use.

    How do I transfer a domain to us?

    To transfer a domain, log in to your account and go to the "Domains" tab, then click on the button with the tooltip "Transfer". Next, specify the domain name and select its domain zone from the available list below.If your domain zone is not in the list, you will not be able to transfer it. If it is, select it and click "Check". Then, you will need to enter the transfer code, which you can request from your previous registrar, and wait for the transfer process to complete.

    What is WHOIS and how to use it to check domain availability?

    WHOIS is a publicly available database that contains information about each domain (domain owner, registration date, expiration date, registrar information, etc.). If the registrar provides the option to hide WHOIS information, some of the owner's information may be hidden. This may be a paid or free service.

    How to find out the domain expiration date?

    To do this, you need to use one of the online resources that displays the domain's WHOIS or a terminal and the "whois" command followed by the "domain_name". Then look at the value in the line labeled "Registrar Registration Expiration Date." This field shows the domain registration expiration date down to the second.

    What is NS, and how to point a domain to the server?

    NS (name server) is a domain name server that stores DNS records for domains. When a domain is entered in a browser, a request is sent to the NS to obtain the real IP address of the server where the website is located. When ordering a server, you need to specify the NS servers where the necessary information will be stored. Adding such records makes the domain delegated. Their number can be from 2 to 4. Our NS servers are:,,,

    How to manage domain DNS records?

    If you register a domain with us and host your resource on our virtual or dedicated server service, DNS hosting service for 50 domains is provided for free. In case of virtual hosting service, the number of domains depends on the tariff. After activating the service, you will get access to the domain control panel, where you can manage DNS records. You will also need to point the domain to our NS servers at the registrar. If the domain was purchased from us, you can specify this during the order process or in the "Domains" section of your account. After editing DNS records, you will need to allow time for them to be updated on the provider's DNS servers. This process can take from 2 to 72 hours but on average 24 hours.

    How to change domain information after registration?

    If you need to change the domain owner or organization information, you can use the domain edit feature in your account. Changes will be submitted to the root registrar after saving and will be updated on the DNS servers after some time.

    What happens if I do not renew my domain on time?

    When you buy a domain, you pay for it for one year. Then you need to renew it for another year. We have the option to enable auto-renewal, and the lease term will be automatically renewed; it is enough that there are funds on the balance. However, if for any reason you do not renew the domain, after the lease term expires, the domain will stop working, and a page will be set up with information about the reason for stopping the domain and the need to renew it. You will be given a period of time for a cheap renewal without any commissions. The period depends on the top-level domain (TLD) and is set individually by the root registrar. If you do not renew the domain even during this period, it will enter the phase where it can be redeemed for an additional fee. Then it becomes available for any user to order from any registrar. Therefore, you have to monitor this process very carefully.

    Do you offer domain registration services for various TLDs?

    Different domain zones are available for ordering. More expensive ones: .so, .co, .online, .host, .pro, .lol, .space, .site, .mobi, .me, .info. Cheaper domain names: .icu, .xyz, .nl, .website, .in, .com, .cc, .biz, .org, .net. We often have good discounts for the first year of domain name rental. Also, note that the shorter the TLD domain, the more expensive it may cost. The registrar sets an individual price for such domains, which can vary from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

    How to get an anonymous domain registration?

    When registering a domain, you must provide your personal information: full name, phone number, residential address, etc. However, the information you provide can be hidden so that it is not displayed in WHOIS. To do this, simply check the box next to the "Hide WHOIS" field when ordering a domain. This service is provided by us absolutely free of charge. The possibility to hide information is only absent for the .nl domain zone. This is due to the legislation of the Netherlands.

    How do I transfer a domain to you if it is registered with another registrar?

    First, you need to check the possibility of transferring the TLD domain to us. You can do this by entering your domain in your account using the "Transfer" button. Unfortunately, not all domain zones are transferable. Then you need to initiate the transfer process on the current registrar's side and obtain the transfer code. Then, in your account, pay the transfer fee and enter the received code. Then wait for the transfer process to be completed. The process can take 5-7 days, so you need to be prepared for this.

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