Rent a Server with a Video Card (GPU)

    Renting a server with GPU is an effective solution for tasks requiring intensive computing power. Our servers are equipped with powerful video cards, making them ideal for machine learning, big data processing, graphics work, and video rendering. Renting a server with a video card is suitable for startups and scientific projects that need high computing power but do not need to purchase their own equipment.

    GPU servers have a large amount of RAM and a fast network connection, which is suitable for both individual developers and companies.

    A server with GPU will be convenient for remote work and collaborative projects, as you can access the server from anywhere in the world. Focus on development and don’t worry about equipment support. Zomro's GPU servers provide high throughput and improved task processing.

    Discount 10% For the first month of use with promo code S-ZM-DED20

    • Saving €331.20

      Config 60


      GPU NVIDIA Quadro P2200
      CPU 2xIntel E5-2650v4
      Number of cores 24
      DRIVE 2x480GB SSD
      Traffic 100TB
      Port speed 2 Gbps
      Location netherlands_icon Netherlands
      Order period

    • Saving €373.44

      Config 61


      GPU NVIDIA RTX A4000
      CPU 2xIntel E5-2650v4
      Number of cores 24
      DRIVE 2x480GB SSD
      Traffic 100TB
      Port speed 2 Gbps
      Location netherlands_icon Netherlands
      Order period

    Discount 10% For the first month of use with promo code S-ZM-DED20

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    Advantages of Zomro GPU servers

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      Video editing and using specialized software (like Blender) for creating game scenes and computer models.

    • 02

      Real-time video transcoding for conducting online broadcasts and streaming on all devices at any speed.

    • 03

      Training artificial intelligence and machine learning. On servers with GPU, you can train neural networks and work with Deep Learning.

    • 04

      Using the server for game streaming (like GeForce NOW).

    • 05

      Scientific modeling and CUDA calculations. Applying a parallel computing approach, you will cope with complex tasks faster.

    What is a physical server with a GPU video card?

    The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is one of the microprocessors that manages the memory of the video card and accelerates the output of graphics to the device's screen, and can also perform mathematical calculations at high speed. GPU servers are designed for tasks requiring intensive digital and graphic computing.

    Who might benefit from a server with a video card

    - Data analysts: GPUs can significantly speed up the processing of large volumes of data and complex analytical tasks.

    - Specialists in image and video processing: GPUs are ideal for visualization and video editing, image processing, and computer graphics.

    - Game developers and testers: for rendering complex graphics and testing games at various levels of graphic load.

    - Scientific researchers: in areas requiring large computational powers, such as bioinformatics, particle physics, astrophysics, as well as for conducting complex scientific experiments and research.

    Why buy a GPU server from Zomro?

    Choosing a server with a video card from Zomro, you get high speed, power, and reliability. Zomro has been providing hosting services for over 10 years. The data centers are located in the Netherlands and have a TIER III reliability class, which guarantees uninterrupted and fast server operation, as well as data security.

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    Reviews about ZOMRO GPU servers

    Amin K.


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    Zomro offers excellent servers for tasks

    I ordered a GPU server to perform computational tasks related to my scientific research. The ability to use graphics accelerators significantly improves computing performance. Zomro offers excellent servers for tasks that require powerful resources.

    Potapov Den


    star star star star star

    Zomro offers great solutions

    Ordered a GPU server for computational tasks related to scientific research. The ability to use graphics accelerators greatly increases the speed of computation. In addition, responsive support and competitive pricing inspire confidence in the service. Zomro offers excellent solutions for tasks that require powerful computing resources.

    Mark H.


    star star star star star

    We chose GPU servers

    We chose GPU servers from this hosting service to deploy high performance game servers, and are happy with the result. Also, the technical support was always available and ready to help with any questions.

    FAQ about GPU servers

    What are the benefits of using a dedicated server with a graphics card?

    Renting a GPU server with a graphics card is great for tasks that require intensive computing and graphics processing. Servers with a video card are specifically designed for graphics processing, making them ideal for graphics-intensive applications such as 3D modeling, virtual reality, and video rendering. For hosting game servers and virtual reality applications, utilizing a GPU server ensures high performance and minimal latency, which is critical to maintaining a smooth and realistic gaming experience.

    Where are the servers physically located?

    The servers are located in a reliable data center in the Netherlands, with a TIER III reliability class. In our data center we guarantee physical security, power and cooling, data backup and recovery, and network traffic management. We are constantly implementing new technologies to ensure stable server performance, data loss protection and equipment continuity.

    Can I install my own software?

    Yes, you can install your own software. We give you the flexibility to select and customize software to meet the specific needs and requirements of your project.It is important to note that certain configurations and drivers may be required for the software to install and function properly on a GPU server. Also, make sure that the selected software is compatible with the server operating system and the installed GPU. If you have technical questions or need customization, you can always contact our support team for assistance.

    What operating systems are available when connecting a GPU server?

    Your choice of operating system should be based on your project's technical requirements, software preferences, and ease of use. Also consider support for the appropriate drivers and libraries for the GPU, as these may vary from operating system to operating system. When connecting to a server with a GPU, you can use a variety of operating systems including: Linux and Windows Servers. The servers support various Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). For users and organizations that prefer the Microsoft ecosystem, GPU-optimized versions of Windows Server are available. For specialized operating systems, we recommend consulting with our experts about available options and their compatibility with your tasks.

    Can I connect to IPv6 if I rent a GPU server?

    Yes, you can connect IPv6 when you rent a GPU server. To connect IPv6 to your GPU server, you may need to make specific operating system settings and ensure that your network hardware and software support the new protocol. We will provide you with the necessary information and instructions on how to configure IPv6, and technical support will help you with the setup.

    What kind of server control panel is installed?

    On dedicated servers with a graphics card, the available control panels are VestaCP, HestiaCP, which are free of charge, and ISPmanager, which starts at 2.5 euros per month.

    Do I need to install drivers for a GPU dedicated server?

    GPU drivers are necessary for the server operating system to communicate effectively with the graphics processor to ensure optimal performance and access to all GPU features. Contact support to install the required drivers.

    What graphics processors are available?

    We use powerful graphics cards such as NVIDIA Quadro P2200 or NVIDIA RTX A4000 on our GPU-equipped servers. These NVIDIA GPU models are designed for professional applications and provide high performance for tasks that require intensive graphics processing, support many advanced technologies, and offer advanced features for professionals in various fields.

    What is the difference between a GPU and a CPU?

    A GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) specializes in parallel computing, ideal for image processing, video processing and machine learning, and contains thousands of low-power cores, allowing it to process large amounts of data simultaneously. Unlike the GPU, the central processing unit (CPU) focuses on sequential operations and controlling basic system functions. It performs a variety of computational tasks, from simple to complex, and has fewer cores, but they are more powerful and versatile, providing high performance in a wide range of applications. CPU is efficient for tasks that require complex computations on a small data set, while GPU excels at tasks that require large amounts of data to be processed quickly, such as graphics or data analysis.

    What discounts do you offer for renting a server with GPU?

    GPU hosting Zomro offers you discounts: 2% for 3 months, 4% for 6 months and 8% for 12 months. This offer allows you to save on long-term rentals, which makes the price more favorable if you plan to use the server for a long period of time.

    What CPU's are installed in servers with a GPU?

    The servers are powered by 2xIntel E5-2650v4 processor, which provides high processing power and performance with two 12-core processors from the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 line. These processors run at a base frequency of 2.2 GHz with the ability to increase up to 2.9 GHz in Turbo Boost mode, offering an excellent balance between energy efficiency and processing power. With a total of 24 cores and 48 threads on two processors, the server is capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously, ideal for virtualization, big data, distributed computing, and other compute-intensive applications.

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