Rent a Server with a Video Card (GPU)

    Renting a server with GPU is an effective solution for tasks requiring intensive computing power. Our servers are equipped with powerful video cards, making them ideal for machine learning, big data processing, graphics work, and video rendering. Renting a server with a video card is suitable for startups and scientific projects that need high computing power but do not need to purchase their own equipment.

    GPU servers have a large amount of RAM and a fast network connection, which is suitable for both individual developers and companies.

    A server with GPU will be convenient for remote work and collaborative projects, as you can access the server from anywhere in the world. Focus on development and don’t worry about equipment support. Zomro's GPU servers provide high throughput and improved task processing.

    Discount 10% For the first month of use with promo code S-ZM-DED20

    • -331.20€ Saving €331.20 NEW

      Config 60


      GPU NVIDIA Quadro P2200
      CPU 2xIntel E5-2650v4
      Number of cores 0
      DRIVE 2x480GB SSD
      Traffic 100TB
      Port speed 2 Gbps
      Location netherlands_icon Netherlands
      Order period

    • -354.24€ Saving €354.24 NEW

      Config 61


      GPU NVIDIA RTX A4000
      CPU 2xIntel E5-2650v4
      Number of cores 0
      DRIVE 2x480GB SSD
      Traffic 100TB
      Port speed 2 Gbps
      Location netherlands_icon Netherlands
      Order period

    Discount 10% For the first month of use with promo code S-ZM-DED20

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    Advantages of Zomro GPU servers

    • 01

      Video editing and using specialized software (like Blender) for creating game scenes and computer models.

    • 02

      Real-time video transcoding for conducting online broadcasts and streaming on all devices at any speed.

    • 03

      Training artificial intelligence and machine learning. On servers with GPU, you can train neural networks and work with Deep Learning.

    • 04

      Using the server for game streaming (like GeForce NOW).

    • 05

      Scientific modeling and CUDA calculations. Applying a parallel computing approach, you will cope with complex tasks faster.

    Reviews about Zomro

    Alex Smit

    from Netherlands | 14 Aug, 2023 | 10:08

    star star star star star

    Helpful and friendly technical support

    In my experience, the technical support of this hosting is one of those that is ready to help with all tasks. From transferring a site between servers to solving problems in the operation of sites. And it's free technical support. This surprised me a lot. In my experience, other hosts do not have this. In short, I can recommend this service.

    Bogdan Bliznuyk

    from Ukraine | 28 Sep, 2023 | 20:09

    star star star star star

    Impression is good

    My impressions of the hosting: the support works like clockwork, reasonable prices, the server is fast, the control panel is convenient, everything works steadily. I haven't noticed any drawbacks, only a good impression. I can call them a worthy hosting company.

    Berty Maer

    from Latvia | 07 Jul, 2023 | 08:07

    star star star star star

    Good hosting

    Everything works as it should - no glitches, normal speed, decent functionality, no issues. They operate transparently, always open to communication - any question can be resolved. I've been using it for quite a while and don't plan to leave.

    What is a physical server with a GPU video card?

    The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is one of the microprocessors that manages the memory of the video card and accelerates the output of graphics to the device's screen, and can also perform mathematical calculations at high speed. GPU servers are designed for tasks requiring intensive digital and graphic computing.

    Who might benefit from a server with a video card

    - Data analysts: GPUs can significantly speed up the processing of large volumes of data and complex analytical tasks.

    - Specialists in image and video processing: GPUs are ideal for visualization and video editing, image processing, and computer graphics.

    - Game developers and testers: for rendering complex graphics and testing games at various levels of graphic load.

    - Scientific researchers: in areas requiring large computational powers, such as bioinformatics, particle physics, astrophysics, as well as for conducting complex scientific experiments and research.

    Why buy a GPU server from Zomro?

    Choosing a server with a video card from Zomro, you get high speed, power, and reliability. Zomro has been providing hosting services for over 10 years. The data centers are located in the Netherlands and have a TIER III reliability class, which guarantees uninterrupted and fast server operation, as well as data security.

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