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    We are pleased to announce the launch of two new server configurations offering outstanding features at low prices.

    The first option, Config 71, is equipped with an HP G8 server and an Intel E5-2650v2 processor, which provides high performance and reliability. With 64GB of DDR3 RAM and two 6TB SATA HDDs, this server is ready to tackle the most demanding tasks of your project. Additionally, it features a robust RAID controller, ensuring an extra level of data protection. Data transfer speed is limited to 2Gbps, ensuring fast loading times and high performance. At just 53 EUR per month, this server is an excellent choice for those who value quality and cost-effectiveness.

    The second option, Config 72, also features an HP G8 server and an Intel E5-2650v2 processor, but with the added advantage of two 480GB SSDs. This provides fast read and write speeds, making it ideal for projects requiring high performance and responsiveness. It is also equipped with a RAID controller and data transfer speed limitation of 2Gbps. At only 49 EUR per month, Config 72 is a superior choice for those seeking high quality at an affordable price.

    Order one of them today and provide your project with optimal working conditions!