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    We cannot ignore such a thematic day as Error 404 Day, also known as Internet Day and Webmaster Day. After all, it is directly related to our activities, so we want to please you with a new promotion!


    We offer discounts in honor of the date 04.04 on ordering our services:


    Virtual hosting - 70%

    VPS - 40%

    Dedicated server - 20%


    And by popular demand, we are adding a discount on VPN -10%.


    You can take advantage of the promotion by using the promo code: Z-404-R


    *the discount is valid for the first month of use. The promotion can be used an unlimited number of times.


    The promotion is valid for 2 days from April 4th to 5th.


    And we want to wish you uninterrupted work on the network, high connection speed, and automation of all processes. May Error 404 pass you by!