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    I would like to give a little warmth to our beloved clients. We have decided to hold a giveaway for the entire summer vacation!

    You will have the whole summer to order/extend hosting services and/or servers at an excellent price on the market and also win a cool prize.


    Terms of participation in the giveaway:


    - Register (or be registered) in our billing system;

    - Make a payment for 1 year or more (purchase, extension) for any tariff of virtual hosting, VDS/VPS, dedicated servers from June 1 to August 31.

    - Each payment for one year or more is eligible. By making multiple extensions or orders for a year, you can increase your chances of winning!


    You can familiarize yourself with the tariffs and place an order on our website:
    Virtual hosting



    Dedicated server




    1st place - 500€ credited to the personal account.

    2nd place - 300€ credited to the personal account.

    3rd place - 200€ credited to the personal account.

    *gift money is intended for payment of Zomro services and cannot be withdrawn.



    The winners will be randomly selected through the system live on our YouTube channel on September 1 at 14:00 UTC.




    The giveaway ends on August 31.


    The results will be announced on September 1.


    For any questions, please contact our technical support service.



    Good luck to everyone!