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    We have an offer that is hard to refuse! There has never been anything like this before. Buy a dedicated server in the Netherlands at the price of a VPS!

    Intel 2xL5640 / 64GB RAM / 2x480GB SSD - Promotional price - 36€ / Old price - 59€                            

    Intel 2xL5630 / 32GB RAM / 2x240GB SSD - Promotional price - 33€ / Old price - 44€

    Intel 1xE5-2650v2 / 32GB RAM DDR3 / 2x240GB SSD - Promotional price - 63€ / Old price - 99€

    Intel 1xE5-2650v2 / 64GB RAM DDR3 / 2x480GB SSD - Promotional price - 73€ / Old price - 129€


    *Promotional price is available when paying for a dedicated server for any period within 6 months from the date of purchase. Subsequent months (starting from the 7th month) the service is paid at the old price.


    The end date of the promotion is the sale of all promotional servers. Hurry up and place your order!

    Don't miss the opportunity - you won't find such a price anywhere else!

    More details about all tariffs here: