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    Friends, we have prepared a discount marathon for you. It's the first time in our practice, by the way, but really profitable.


    "Crazy Discount Week" is already on Zomro.



    Have you been dreaming of hosting or do you want to additionally order a server?


    Only from May 16th to 22nd - a week of discounts on various tariffs! Every day there are discounts on different services, don't hesitate and order the selected tariff plan.


    Monday, May 16th - 40% discount on VDS/VPS "VIP"


    Tuesday, May 17th - 40% discount on VDS/VPS "MEGA"

    Wednesday, May 18th - 60% discount on hosting "CORPORATE"

    Thursday, May 19th - 40% discount on VDS/VPS "ULTRA"

    Friday, May 20th - 40% discount on VDS/VPS "MEDIUM"

    Saturday, May 21st - 40% discount on VDS/VPS "GRAND"

    Sunday, May 22nd - 15% discount on extending any VDS/VPS tariff for six months


    *the discount is valid for 1 month, regardless of the payment term.



    Our technical support specialists are ready to provide assistance to every client at any time of the day.