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    Cupid trained for a long time and aimed well at each of our hearts, because there is no other explanation for why we love and value you, our dear clients and visitors.


    We are not the kind of people who scatter magical sparkles in a romantic mood and walk on rainbows with unicorns, but we really want to express our gratitude to you, and what better occasion than Valentine's Day?



    We give gifts in the form of discounts on a new order:


    Virtual hosting - 60%

    VDS/VPS - 40%

    Dedicated servers - 15%


    *The discount is provided when ordering a new service for the first month of use.



    We also give discounts on service extensions for our beloved clients.



    Virtual hosting and VDS/VPS:


    - payment for 3 months = 10% discount 

    - payment for 6 months = 15% discount 

    - payment for 12 months = 20% discount 


    Dedicated server:


    - payment for 3 months = 5% discount

    - payment for 6 months = 10% discount

    - payment for 12 months = 15% discount


    The discounts are valid with the promo code LV1422ZM.



    The promotion is valid: February 14-15.



    If anything, we are always in touch! Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.



    Thank you for being with us.