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    Adding a database to the VestaCP panel.

    To add a database to the VestaCP server control panel, follow these instructions.

    1. Log in to the VestaCP control panel.

    And using your administrator credentials, log into the panel at:


    Where IP is the IP address of your server. Login admin, password created during the installation of the VestaCP panel, or set later.

    After logging in, you will be taken to the main page of the server control panel. Optionally, add the domain to which you want to add the database. In the top navigation bar, select the "WEB" tab. If you haven't created a domain yet, first create it by going to the "WEB" tab and clicking the "Add Domain" button.

    2. Add a database.

    Go to the "DB" section, click on "DB" at the top. On the database page, click the "+ Add Database" button.

    The name of the database. Enter the name of the database in the "Database" field. You can use any name you want. Then, in the other field below, enter the database username in the "User" field. Used by the existing database as a prefix. The maximum length of the database owner username is 16 characters, including the prefix.

    Password. Enter a password or generate one for the database user in the "Password" fields. It is recommended to use a complex password, from 16-20 characters of different register, as well as some special characters. It is not safe to use and specify simple passwords for the database, because your site, database and server may suffer through this.

    Charset. Usually "Charset" is utf-8 and is not modified. If suddenly the original encoding of the database was different, after connecting the database, the information on the site may be displayed in hieroglyphs, cracklings or unreadable characters. Then it may be worth checking the encoding in the body of the database, and changing its type when creating it to another one. You can add a new database, and specify a new type of encoding, and check the correctness of the new settings on it.

    Then click the "Add" button to create the database.

    After creating a database, you will see it in the list of available databases on the page. You also need to save the username server information and the database name when adding the database. You can then use this database in your web application using these credentials.

    Thus, you have successfully added the database to the VestaCP server control panel.

    Switching to phpMyAdmin in the VestaCP panel.

    In the control panel of VestaCP, in the "DB" section, you will see a link to phpMyAdmin. This will take you to the phpMyAdmin web interface, which provides you with a convenient way to manage your MySQL databases. With phpMyAdmin, you can perform various tasks such as importing and exporting databases.