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    We all know that Minecraft is a very popular game right now. There have been many versions of this game released, thousands of clones, and millions of fans who still play this game, we dare say, franchise.


    In this small guide, we will explain how to create a server for one of the two main versions of this game.


    In the previous article, we talked about Minecraft Java and how to install it. In this article, we will show you the other side of the game, namely Minecraft Bedrock Edition.


    This is actually a good version of the game because it allows you to play not only from personal computers but also from phones and tablets on the same server. This makes this version very versatile. The optimization of the Bedrock Edition allows you to run the server on almost anything that has at least 2 cores and 1GB of RAM.


    The main disadvantages of such servers are:

    - The game is tied to online play (If you have a server on your personal computer, you won't be able to play through the internal network because any connection goes through Microsoft servers)

    - No modifications (In terms of functionality, DataPacks can be compared to plugins in Minecraft Java Edition).


    Advantages of Minecraft Bedrock server.

    - Cross-platform compatibility (You can play from any device that can run Minecraft Bedrock).

    - Server size (A clean server takes up approximately 100-300MB).

    - Optimization (Does not require a lot of resources to run, suitable for servers with low amount of RAM.) On average, 1-2GB of RAM is enough for 5 players.


    Let's move on to the instructions on how to install a Minecraft Bedrock server.

    1. Download the archive from the official website

    2. Unpack the archive into the folder where our server will be (For Linux, the command is - unzip archive (You need to install unzip).

    3. On Windows, install Microsoft VisualC++ 2014 (On Linux, install Curl).



    4. For Linux systems (Centos Ubuntu), give permission to run with the command chmod +x bedrock_server.

    5. Run the server with the file bedrock_server.exe (If on Linux, use the command - bash bedrock_server) (Or./bedrock_server) Wait for the message Server started.



    The port and other settings are changed in Server-Config, similar to the configurations in Minecraft Java Edition.