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    VestaCP is a popular free web server control panel. It allows you to automate the process of creating and configuring websites, mail, DNS, FTP accounts on the server, and also has many other functions.

    Based on the system requirements specified on the developer's website, the panel can only be installed on the following operating systems: RHEL / CentOS 5, 6, 7; Debian 7, 8, 9; Ubuntu 12. 04 - 18 . 10.

    From the specified OS we have CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 18.04 available. I recommend installing on CentOS 7.

    To install the VestaCP panel, log in to the server via SSH and run the following command to download the script:

    curl -O






    Then run the interactive install:


    During the execution of the script, you will be prompted to install in a typical configuration. Some data needs to be entered during script installation. These are: email address, port number (leave 8083), hostname.



    You can also generate an installation script using the form on the panel developer website:

    I recommend choosing the following settings: nginx+apache system (the .htaccess file, which is often used by websites, will work in this configuration); FTP server vsftpd to create FTP users for sites; exim+dovecot mail system, but if you need additional protection, you can also choose Spamasassin and/or ClamAV (the latter requires a lot of server resources); DNS - named; Firewall - iptables+fail2ban (the latter provides additional protection against brute force attacks); database - MySQL and, if necessary, PostgreSQL. You also need to specify the hostname, password for the admin user, and an email address. The hostname is most often the domain name that is directed to the server.

    After specifying the required parameters, click the Generate install command button.


    After clicking on the Generate Install Command button, a text will appear on the page with the commands that you need to type in order to install the panel in the selected configuration.



    After running the script, the panel installation process begins. During installation, the script will ask for a connection port. Leave the default port - 8083. At the end of the installation, a success message will be displayed and the connection details will be shown.



    Copy the data to a safe place. Follow the link in your browser and confirm the security exception (SSL certificate for IP addresses is not issued). The login page will open. To login to the panel, enter the username admin and its password.


    After that, you can use the wide range of functions provided by the panel.


    The process of installing the VestaCP site control panel on a server with a Linux operating system was considered.