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    What is Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?

    Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security method that requires the user to verify their identity in two different ways in order to log into an account. This could be something the user knows - a password, and something the user has in addition to enhance account security (a random code on the phone).

    In general, the use of two-factor authentication is recommended to protect your personal and confidential data in online services such as bank accounts, social networks, mailboxes, and even more so accounts with servers, hosting, where websites, databases and other important data are stored.

    Activation in personal account.

    To enable two-factor authentication in your personal account, follow these simple steps:

    1.      Log in to your account in your Personal Account (Profile settings):
    2. Go to the tab "Password and access". Locate the two-factor authentication settings "2-Factor Authentication" (2FA) and click Enable 2-Factor Authentication.
    3. You will need to download the app on your Google Autentificator phone:

    Google Authenticator - Apps on Google Play
    Google Authenticator on the App Store
    Google Authenticator APK for Android Download -  (for Huawei Phone)

    Switching sequence.

    Follow the instructions on the screen in your account to complete the 2FA setup (see the steps in the screenshots). In the Google Authenticator program on your phone:

    1.      Scan the QR code that will be shown on the screen with Google Autentificator.
    2.      You will then need to enter a code that will be generated in the authentication app,
    3.      Confirm these settings to enable 2FA.
    4.      Save this setting data for the user profile again.

    After completing the 2FA setup and turning it on, when you enter your personal account, it will always ask for an additional code when you enter your account. Enter this code that will be generated on your device to complete the login process.

    Make sure you keep your recovery code in a safe place in case you have trouble accessing the authentication app or if you lose your device.

    If after that there are difficulties with logging into your personal account (for example, if you lose your phone), you will need to contact technical support to resolve this situation.


    Thus, the use of "2-Factor Authentication" (2FA) enhances the security of your personal account and provides you with additional protection of your data.