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    In order to manage your domain's DNS records, you need to direct (delegate) it to DNS servers that will return these records upon request from the Internet. This is done using NS records at the domain registrar.

    Zomro has a service designed to manage DNS records called DNS hosting. Its control panel has almost everything you need to host and manage domains. To use it, you need to specify our NSs, which you can find out by contacting technical support. Then it is enough to add the domain to the services panel and specify the IP address of the server to which the domain should point.

    But if for some reason you want to set up your own DNS servers to host domain records, you can do it on regular virtual or dedicated servers. This can be useful if you want sites or mail hosted on the same server to immediately become available in the DNS system. Next, it will be described how to do this with the VestaCP panel installed on the server.

    First you need to purchase a domain from a registrar that allows you to specify custom NSs. The format for entering NSs may differ from registrar to registrar. For example, some registrars need to specify as follows:

    Please note that some registrars may have a requirement to have two different, separate NSs hosted on different IP addresses. But some may allow the setting to be applied if 2 NSs are directed to the same IP address. In the first case, you need 2 separate servers or a server with two IP addresses, in the second, one server with one IP is enough. This example shows a case where it is possible to host both NSs on the same server.

    Some registrars require that the specified subdomains already exist on the DNS server before applying this setting. In this case, follow the steps that will be discussed below and then specify the user NSs in the registrar panel.

    Next, you need to add the main domain (for example,, which will contain entries for NS subdomains, to the VestaCP panel. To do this, go to the DNS section and click on the plus sign (Add DNS Domain).



    In the page that opens, enter the name of the main domain and direct it to the server IP (in this example, You can also open Advanced Options and specify nameservers for the domain (in this case, they do not affect the DNS system).





    Next, add type A DNS records for the ns1 and ns2 subdomains and point them to the corresponding DNS server IP addresses. To do this, open the list of domain records and click on the plus sign to add new records. As a result, entries will be added as shown in the screenshot. If the server has 2 IP addresses, you can direct these subdomains one to the first and other to the second IP.





    Wait for updates in the DNS system. It will take some time for all DNS servers to see the change. Usually this is from 30 minutes to 24 hours, and in some cases it can be up to 72 hours. To check if the required NSs are specified for the domain, you can use any available Whois service, for example, the one at .

    After that, your server will act as an authoritative DNS server for your domains. You can specify the NSs of your domain, for other domains and then add them to the DNS section of the configured server directed to this or other servers. If the sites will be hosted on this server, you can add its domain name not to the DNS section, but to the WEB section of the VestaCP panel, indicating that it should also be added to DNS and MAIL (you need to set the marks when creating the domain).






    A way to configure your own DNS server based on the VestaCP control panel was considered.