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    By default, Internet Explorer in Windows Server has many security restrictions, one of them that Windows Server users often encounter is that it is not possible to download files through Internet Explorer, showing messages like:

    Now I will show you how to disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security, which will allow you to freely follow links and download files in Internet Explorer.

    1st method: Disable IE ESC* via Server Manager

    * IE ESC component specifies details about Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration.

    Click on the Start menu in the left bottom corner and find the Server Manager option there,
    (the Start menu may differ depending on the version of Windows)

    Next, go to the Local Server category and click on the inscription "On" next to the option "IE Enhanced Security Configuration"

    In the next menu, disable 2 security options for the administrator and other users, as shown in the screenshot, and then click the OK button.

    Restart Internet Explorer web browser after that.
    And that's it, now you can go to Internet Explorer web browser and download your favourite programs from the internet.

    2nd method: Disable IE ESС via Powershell console

    Go to Start Menu and find Powershell utility

    In the Powershell window, enter the following commands one by one to disable IEES configuration:

    $TmpIEESAdmin = "HKLM:\\\\SOFTWARE\\\\Microsoft\\\\Active Setup\\\\Installed Components\\\\{A509B1A7-37EF-4b3f-8CFC-4F3A74704073}"
    $TmpIEESUser = "HKLM:\\\\SOFTWARE\\\\Microsoft\\\\Active Setup\\\\Installed Components\\\\{A509B1A8-37EF-4b3f-8CFC-4F3A74704073}"
    Set-ItemProperty -Path $TmpIEESAdmin -Name "IsInstalled" -Value 0
    Set-ItemProperty -Path $TmpIEESUser -Name "IsInstalled" -Value 0
    Stop-Process -Name Explorer

    I hope this article was useful for you. Thank you for your time.