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    In order to purchase the service, log in to your personal account using the link using your e-mail and the password that you entered during registration. Or use authorization through social networks.
    Next, in the menu on the left side, select "Services". On the right you can see the menu with all the services.           

    Select the required service section.                                      
    For example: You need to purchase a DNS hosting service. To do this, select "DNS-hosting" and click "ORDER"

    If you already have a purchased virtual server or dedicated server service, DNS hosting will be free. Otherwise, the service will cost 1.03 EUR.

    After reading the offer agreement, check the box "I have read and agree to the "Terms of Service"" and click "Buy". The service will be added to your list of DNS hosting services.                        
    In the event that you do not have a virtual server or a dedicated server, you will be given the opportunity to pay for this service.

    If you have a promotional code, enter it in the appropriate field, select the payer, if it is not there, click next to "+Add" to create a new payer.
    In the "Payment method" subsection, select the required payment method:

    Stripe, PayPal, Bitcoin, Unionpay, Visa/MasterCard/MIR/Qiwi

    And click "PAY"

    Then you will be redirected to the payment page of the aggregator you have chosen. Make a payment and wait for the service to be issued from a few seconds to 30 minutes, depending on the service you have chosen.