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    In order to purchase the service, log in to your personal account using the link using your e-mail and the password that you entered during registration. Or use authorization through social networks.

    Next, in the menu on the left side, select "Services". On the right you can see the menu with all the services.

    For example: You need to purchase a dedicated server. Select "Dedicated Servers" and click "ORDER"

    Next, you can sort the servers by the location of the data centers Oude Meer [NL] or Delft [NL].

    Use the 1x1GE Port, 1x10GE Port switches to select the required network port bandwidth.
    Use switches G7, G8 and G9 to select the server generation. Where: G7 - older, G9 - younger.

    Select "Payment period" for the period - Month, Three months, Half a year, Year, Two years, Three years. When choosing a payment period of three months or more, a corresponding discount will be provided.

    3 months - 2%,
    6 months - 4%,
    12 months - 8%.
    24 months - 10%.
    36 months - 12%.

    You can see the total number of available servers at the link

    After selecting the server in the "Operating system" section, select the desired OS. (Please note: If you need Windows 2012 with Russian interface, select it with RUS prefix).

    For dedicated servers, we recommend choosing Windows Server 2019. After installing the OS, install all available updates. If you need to install another language on the selected OS, contact the technical support department.

    For Linux OS, if you need, in the "Preinstalled software" section, select the server control panel. For example "ISPmanager Lite". It will be installed automatically. Access data for authorization in the ISPmanager panel, use those that were sent to you by mail from the root user.

    In the section "Characteristics"

    In order for the ISP panel to be available, a license must be purchased. In the subsection "Control panel license" you can choose a license for 2.5€/month. up to 10 domains. For 50 domains - 5€/month. and for an unlimited number of domains the license will cost 7.5€/month.

    If you need a VestaCP or HestiaCP panel (only available for Ubuntu and Debian), you can choose them as a free alternative.

    In the "Auto-renewal" subsection, you can disable or enable auto-renewal of your server.

    Important! Changing the parameters of dedicated servers is not possible.

    You can also purchase one additional IP address for a dedicated server.

    Domain name, you can leave it blank if you don't have one. By default, your server will be assigned a technical domain, which you can change yourself by editing this service here, or through DCI Manager.

    After reading the offer agreement, check the box "I have read and agree to the "Terms of Service""

    After selecting all the necessary parameters for the server, click "BUY"

    Then you will be redirected to the payment page of the aggregator you have chosen. Make a payment, and expect the issuance of a dedicated server from 30 minutes to 5 working days, depending on the availability of the necessary servers and the workload of the technical staff. The average equipment activation time is 24 hours. The validity period of the service will start from the moment of its activation.