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    The cPanel hosting panel has an Email section where you can create, manage and view email messages.

    To create a mailbox, go to the EMAIL - Email Accounts section and find the Create button.

    Here, select a domain for your email. The domain must be created in the panel. Then enter the username (the name of the mailbox, which will be displayed before the @ sign). Create or generate a new password. Write down the password in a safe place - passwords from boxes in the panel are not saved for display. Click the Create button. The mailbox will be added to the Mail Accounts list.

    In the Email Accounts menu, you can perform various actions with your mailbox, view statistical information and the use of resources available for mail. If you click the Connect Devices button, you can see the settings for email clients. By clicking the Manage button, you can change the password and other settings, you can also delete the mailbox.

    To go to your mailbox, click the Check Email button. Then click the Open button on the page. The webmail client will open.

    It is also possible to open the webmail client separately, without logging into the hosting panel, using a URL link. The address consists of your panel's domain name and port. For example, . You may have a different address and port. You can find them out by going to the mailbox from the panel first. Should be written like this:

    You can also go to the web client using either the technical domain name of the service, or the domain of your site, which is opened from this hosting. In this case, you need to add the port number to the address. You need to use the https protocol.

    In the login form, enter the data from the mailbox.

    If the mail domain is not directed to our NSs, but you need mail to work correctly, go to the Domains - Zone Editor page from the cPanel start page. Select your domain and click the Manage button. Copy DNS records with type TXT - DKIM, SPF to your DNS hosting.

    We have reviewed some of the main features of the cPanel virtual hosting panel for working with email.