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    To be able to copy/paste files through the clipboard, the following settings should be set before connecting to the remote desktop (this should be done only once, the settings will be saved in the future):


    N.B.: These settings should be made on your computer, not on the server!


    1. Right click on "Start" - "Run...":


    1.1 If you don't see the Run... item on the Start menu, you can try to bring it up by pressing Win + R (Win is the button with the Windows logo on it, usually located to the left of the space bar, next to ctrl and alt).


    1.2 In the window that appears, type mstsc.exe and click OK:

    1.3 If you do not have the Run item in the Start menu and the Win + R combination does not work for you either (or you do not know where the WIN button is on your keyboard), then manually find and run the file c:\windows\system32\mstsc.exe 


    2. In the launched RDP client, click the "Settings" button.

    3. Go to the "Local Resources" tab, check the "Clipboard" box in the "Local Devices and Resources" block, and then click the "More" button there

    4. Check the boxes for all local drives that will be used. Attention: you can copy/paste files to the remote server only from the drives that you mark here.

    Copy files between the computer and server


    Method 1: Copy and paste via the clipboard


    You can copy/paste files between your computer and a remote server via the clipboard. To do this, locate the file or folder on your computer that you want to upload to the server, right-click on it and select "Copy" from the menu that appears. Then switch to the remote desktop, right-click on a space, and select Paste from the menu that appears. Instead of using the mouse, you can also use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+C (to copy) and CTRL+V (to paste) files and folders . 


    Method 2: Copy via a connected drive

    2.1  Launch Explorer on the server (open any folder)

    2.2  In the left menu, select "Computer"

    2.3  The list will contain the local drives on your computer that you connected in the RDP client settings.


    You can copy and paste files from them to the server and vice versa, just like between ordinary folders on your computer.


    Attention: do not try to run applications directly from your local drive!