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    Possibilities of working with remote desktop


    Applications for accessing remote desktop allow you to use our servers. With the Remote Desktop client, you can perform all actions with a remote computer that are allowed by the functionality of our optimized system, for example:



    - Install trading applications such as MetaTrader 4 and 5 and specialized applications from individual brokers;


    - Install robots on your terminals for automated trading;

    - Launch and seamlessly use trading terminals, store trade logs, and perform other actions necessary for trading within the desktop (without access to the disk and file system).

    You can also use remote desktop applications to access a remote computer from virtually any device. There are also clients for Android and iOS.


    List of applications (clients) for connection.


    Below is a list of the latest versions of client applications that can be downloaded:


    - Windows Desktop Download
    - Microsoft Store Download
    - Android Download
    - iOS Download
    - macOS Download



    Getting started with FX VPS is easy. It does not require any additional settings, everything has been done in advance.



    Enjoy working with our forex servers!