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    DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is a kind of attack that involves multiple fake requests sent from many devices in order to overwhelm a target service with traffic. What happens next is that the server uses a lot of resources to process those requests and is no longer available for other real users. As a result, the system fails to work adequately and can be brought down.
    The goal of the attack is to shut down the system through traffic overload or other problems.
    Reasons for the attack can be different: 

    - entertainment
    - political aspects
    - competition
    - blackmailing or extortion
    - personal motives.

    Such attacks can be of the following levels:

    Of low-level, when a non-ideal network structure is used. In this situation, it is best to activate the DDoS protection service, which will help the server stay afloat for several hours.

    Of high level, when a selected website page is requested multiple times. Such attacks can be avoided by special server settings.

    Usually, the attacks stop within 1-2 days without interference, but it is still worth taking measures to avoid such a situation.
    It is also worth thinking about eliminating the vulnerability of the code and filtering traffic, building up a user backup service system.
    Buying a dedicated server for your site will help you avoid the attacks effectively.
    If such a situation happened to you (as a DDoS attack is not a very pleasant adventure), remember that the occurrence can be prevented. For someone, it might seem to be the end of the world. But if you carefully set up the system, then you will always have a solution to any problem.
    Our support service will suggest to you the best way to avoid the attacks and advice on competent protection.