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    Yes, advertising is undeniably important in any line of business, but that's not all. You need to work on your brand and yourself today. And what you could consider complete nonsense can be very effective methods for attracting customers and making new useful acquaintances, which will be more than ever valuable for your work. What is this magic? Oddly enough, this is simple human communication and "life".


    Be yourself and show what you can be interested in and what you are a professional at. You have your communication style with clients and ways of working, and this is normal. This is your chip, use it and make it your dignity.



    Search for new acquaintances.


    Making connections at any convenient opportunity is very useful. Go to events more often, take part in seminars, and go out into the world, so to speak, where you can meet people who may need your services. You will be able to establish yourself as a specialist who knows his business.


    Be helpful.


    Give people advice and free recommendations if they ask you because later, they can come back to you to order a paid service. And even if they do not order anything, but they see that you are a professional in your field, they will recommend you to others.


    Be always in touch.


    It will not be very nice if a person wants to contact you and you are unavailable. Always call back if you see a missed call. Be in all available messengers, where everyone can reach in a way convenient for him.


    Don't forget about your contacts and keep in touch as often as possible without being annoying. Congratulate on the holidays, ask how you are or share something interesting, mark in the comments; you can even offer to meet.



    Start your blog where you will describe your activities in detail, share valuable tips, provide information, show educational materials, create interesting collections and more.



    All that we have named may not be such a routine for work, but rather a pleasure and great pastime, which will also benefit you and your work.