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    The description of the product always takes enough time and effort because you need to come up with not only a beautiful and high-quality text but also so that it fulfils its primary function - the sale.


    Choose a target. Who is the potential client, and who is the target buyer? Write text for him, not for everyone. It does not make sense to waste time on everyone, but it will be better to know your target audience to avoid wasting time, effort, and finances. Find out who will benefit from your product to write specifically for him. Think about what questions a potential client might ask to answer in the description. Could you speak to the buyer in his language? Find out what he wants, his desires, and dreams, thanks to which he decides and what his purchase depends on.



    No copies. Uniqueness above all. No copies from other websites because the buyer monitors different sources, copy-paste is a disastrous thing that will not interest you. Remember that you can add your ideas and thoughts even in the standard description.



    We clean up the text. Remove empty and fake phrases like “the best, only advanced, at the highest level”, etc.; if there is no confirmation for them, think better about what you want to say and what is more important for the buyer. Empty phrases only undermine the confidence of buyers. It will turn out very well if you tell a natural and authentic story and back it up with fresh photos or videos. Please write a product description clearly and without water, and write down each advantage and its benefits. Customers usually do not spend a lot of time reading a ton of text but choosing for brevity is our everything.



    Structuring and highlighting. Think over the description structure: headings, paragraphs, lists - such elements will attract attention. For the buyer to thoroughly read the product description, it must be well structured and easy to read. The first two paragraphs of the description contain the essential information, so try to fit everything you need here. Don't forget to give people hints about finding what they need and buying it - this will be useful for those visiting your site for the first time or making a purchase online for the first time.



    Hook on. Write in a style that matches the product. Let the buyer's imagination work for you - write what it is like to own your product, and convey feelings and sensations. Explain what benefits the product will bring to the buyer and how it will solve his problem. This is what interests everyone who chooses this or that thing. Make the offer unique, and add some zest about why it is worth buying from you, not competitors. What is the benefit of buying your product?



    We build trust. Customer reviews are the best description that will be trusted. Grab attention and continue to spoil the potential buyer with helpful information. Tell the story of the product: how it appeared, how it was created, production, details, and more. Do not forget to describe in detail how the visitor will be able to buy the goods, the delivery times, what guarantees, is there a return or exchange, is there a discount, and how to take care of the goods if necessary.



    Visualization. We always need photos, high-quality photos. The visual part is one of the foundations of a good offer, which will persuade you to buy.
    A competent and timely approach to details will help your online store to have good sales and get as much profit as possible. You can read a lot of interesting tips on improving your business on the Zomro blog.