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    What is a SSD disk?

    Turning to Wikipedia, you can see: A solid-state drive (English solid-state drive, SSD) is a computer non-volatile non-mechanical storage device based on memory chips and a control controller. SSDs are top-rated now, and to understand why you need to consider all the advantages of such drives:


    • The speed of work is the biggest plus of such drives. They can offer high processing speeds that other types of disks can not compete closely with. Also, the number of operations in a short period with SSD is much higher than other options and without performance loss.

    • Low power consumption. Of course, the power consumption for the operation depends on the volume, but still an order of magnitude lower than that of its mechanical counterparts.

    • Reliability. Low noise level and mechanical resistance to adverse factors. Due to their design, SSDs are silent, as there are no moving parts. Drives have a low impact and overload resistance, which reduces the likelihood of accidents and sudden failure. All this equals a long service life.

    • High fault tolerance. Even under a heavy load, everything will work stably.

    • These discs are more compact.

    • Various additional features may be available that increase the amount of stored data, processing speed, and more.



    These advantages will certainly be appreciated by all companies that are not indifferent to fast and convenient work with the site, especially their users, which will be an undoubted advantage, the site's speed, high performance, and stability. SSD drives significantly increase the level of hosting reliability. If you choose in favour of an SSD, then you are taking care of the future of your site.