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    Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. 

    Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

    Sun Tzu

    Advertising strategy
    - is a complex, large-scale, long-term program for solving marketing goals for the successful promotion of goods, thanks to the impact of advertising tools on the consumer and, accordingly, sales growth. This is a detailed plan of action to increase business profits. It should be worked out initially, and after that, the company will follow this plan. The presence of a strategy reduces the risks of inefficient spending of the budget on promotion.


    What do you need when planning an advertising strategy?

    • Setting goals and objectives, directions and means in the company's work will make a profit and work most effectively when implementing a marketing plan. Realistically assess your strengths and capabilities.

    • Market assessment and vision of the positioning of your company, product properties, analysis of competitors and features of their communication with the consumer. 

    • Learn the target audience. This is a critical stage since the format of work and the submission of material for a particular segment will be selected. Identify the main audience segments for yourself, and analyze the reasons for the purchase and the factors of choice.

    • Analysis of competitors. A detailed study of competitors' work is the basis of a successful strategy.

    • Draw up a plan for advertising campaigns, forecasting results, forming a content plan and the primary channels for finding information.

    • Product feature. Different products have life cycles, seasonal demand peaks, and purchase decision mechanisms. In each case, other advertising moves will work. It is necessary to evaluate the product's properties from the point of view of buyers and focus on the benefits.

    • Calculate the approximate budget for promotion and the advertising impact period and duration.

      Thanks to the advertising strategy and affordable hosting you will be aware of the value of your product and the needs of your customers, and will be able to organize and direct the work in the right direction.