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    Data centres

    - an important part, without which there would be no Internet in its usual form and many services.

    Servers, telecommunications equipment, data storage devices, and other devices that provide various information collection, storage, and processing are located here. Through communication channels and network equipment, data enters the data centre and is transmitted to users. The data centre provides secure channels for international communications.


    What criteria can be used to evaluate the quality of a Data Center?



    • The presence of a special building designed to accommodate the data centre

    • Ability to accommodate a sufficient amount of equipment;

    • Scalability and increase in equipment capacity of various systems;

    • Availability is the ratio of system uptime to total uptime. 24/7 access to server hardware for both staff and clients;

    • Fast troubleshooting speed and how easy maintenance is. Availability of uninterruptible power supplies, cooling equipment, and generator to protect against power outages;

    • Reliability and ability of all systems to work for an extended period;

    • Ease of management and thoughtfulness of the interaction of data centre systems.



    Priority tasks are reliability, performance, security and continuous improvement of the data centre. Therefore, special systems are constantly responsible for uninterrupted operation: electricity, cooling, and physical security.



    The primary services of data centres are:



    • Rack rental in the data centre - allows you to place your servers by renting a rack, which is very profitable, and you can be sure of the safety of your equipment.

    • Colocation (physical placement of servers) - provides options for placing server equipment inside dedicated racks.

    • Server rental - if you do not have your equipment, you can rent server capacities for a long time.

    • Rent of VDS/VPS servers - provided if necessary for your project.

    • Virtual hosting - for the placement and operation of web pages.

    • Additionally, backup, cloud solution, administered server, remote desktop and more can be carried out.



    Each data centre has its own set of infrastructures. Let's take a closer look at each of them: Information is server equipment that provides processing and storage of data. Telecommunication is network equipment that provides reliable communication and data transfer between servers and users. Engineering - ensures the stable and uninterrupted operation of data centre systems.