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    What is Email marketing

    - is an effective way to promote your business on the Internet. Thanks to mailings, customer loyalty increases, sales increase and communication with the audience are maintained. A significant advantage is a low cost compared to other advertising.


    What tasks does e-mail marketing solve?


    • turning site visitors who left their contact into customers;
    • the motivation of existing customers for repeat purchases;
    • increasing confidence in the company, providing information about products;
    • generation of target actions.


    You won’t surprise anyone with email mailings now, but if there are “delicious” ideas and creativity in letters, this will undoubtedly play into your hands. With the right approach to their development, you will get an effective channel for interacting with customers.


    Do not forget that more than half of users open emails from a mobile phone. Therefore, put the mobile version in priority.


    Less text, more meaning. You have 6 seconds to convey the essence. The best customer care is saving time.


    The mailing list can be adjusted depending on the user's reaction. This way, you can create the most comfortable conditions for potential customers, increase loyalty and attract more attention to the content.

    Write effective headlines. The subject line is the key to the heart of every potential customer.

    Use a practical button. However, remember that it should contain a clear call to action.

    Corporate style in newsletters will help the subscriber recognize you, distinguish you from the rest, and leave a good impression. Use minimalism in design. There is a lot of white space and little text - these letters look light and elegant, and they are easy to view.


    Make your emails interactive — surveys, games, videos, placing an order right in the email. Unusual content, then a dry letter, always surprises subscribers, due to which you can get their favour. Use gifs. They work everywhere.


    Even if the subscriber is interested in your newsletters, do not bombard him with emails daily. Too many emails equal spam and reader annoyance. It is essential to get consent so that your advertising campaign does not turn into the spam. Maintain communication and constantly monitor the quality of the database.

    It is necessary to segment the list of customers in detail by gender, interests, purchases, amounts spent, geolocation, etc. If a man is shown a collection of women's clothing, then this will not be entirely rational and correct. Poor segmentation of the customer base will not give any results and all the time and resources will be wasted.


    What mailings can be used:


    • Welcome letters (come to a new subscriber).
    • Trigger (react to the action of the subscriber).
    • Transactional (sent when buying a product).
    • Promo letters (contain information about discounts, and promotions).
    • Informational (these letters are the basis of regular mass mailing).
    • Announcement (sent before the events).