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    To initiate the Reboot operation, an API request is used, which allows you to restart a service with a given identifier. Below are the instructions for sending a request to the Zomro server to perform this operation.

    To initiate the Reboot operation, we use the following function.



    Method: POST    

    Request Body (Form-data):


    Parameter Value Required Parameter Value Description
    func service.reboot Yes Function to perform the reboot service
    auth 21fc199...c43f71 No Session token. This is one of the authorization options. More details on other options can be found here
    out json Yes Type of response expected
    elid 5112963 Yes ID of the service to perform the operation on


    Here is an example of a request that can be executed from the console:


    curl --location '' \
    --form 'func="service.reboot"' \
    --form 'auth="7d8a08974e3702d867b341c4"' \
    --form 'elid="5113119"'


    The result of executing the request will be the following response:


        "ok": "true"


    This response means that the process has successfully started and will be completed shortly.

    After executing the request, we can verify that the process has successfully started. In the personal account, you can see that the service is in the status "Active (reboot)".



    We can also see the result of the operation in the operation history.



    After the operation is completed, the service status will be changed to "Active".


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