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    Today, technologies related to machine learning, data analysis, and neural network training have become an integral part of our lives. However, not all computers, even with the most powerful processors, can handle such a volume of computations at an acceptable speed, and powerful GPU servers come to the rescue.

    When it comes to choosing a GPU server for your project, it is important to consider not only technical specifications but also pricing policy, reliability, and quality of service. These servers open the door to greater possibilities in various fields, from scientific research to the development of gaming applications and virtual reality. Solve resource-intensive tasks faster with GPU. In this context, we suggest conducting a comparative analysis of servers from Zomro and their competitors Cherry Servers to determine which offers the best combination of technical parameters and economic benefits.

    Таблица сравнения параметров:



    Zomro CONFIG 60

    Zomro CONFIG 61

    Cherry Servers: 1 

    Cherry Servers: 2 




    349 EUR/mon.

    459 EUR/mon.


    2xIntel E5-2650v4 24 Cores

    2xIntel E5-2650v4 24 Cores

    AMD EPYC 7402P 24 Cores @ 2.8 GHz

    AMD EPYC 7443P 24 Cores @ 2.85 GHz







    2x480GB SSD

    2x480GB SSD

    2x 250GB NVMe

    2x 250GB NVMe






    Traffic Unlimited Unlimited

    100TB/mo free

    20TB/mo free


    NVIDIA Quadro P2200

    NVIDIA RTX A4000

    Optional up to 2 GPU


    Placement Netherlands Netherlands Lithuania Lithuania


    Comparing both offers, several advantages of Zomro's servers can be highlighted:

    • Price: Zomro's servers offer more competitive prices for comparable technical specifications.
    • GPU: Zomro's server configurations include powerful NVIDIA graphics processors, ensuring high performance in rendering and graphics processing.
    • Traffic: Zomro's servers offer unlimited traffic, which can be critically important for projects with high data transfer needs.
    • Location: The ability to place servers in the Netherlands ensures fast and reliable operation for users from different regions of the world.

    Servers with graphics processors (GPU) offer a number of significant advantages, making them an attractive choice for many projects. Firstly, GPUs have high parallel data processing, making them an ideal solution for solving complex computational tasks in the fields of artificial intelligence, scientific research, image processing, and many others. Thanks to this, GPU servers can significantly accelerate data processing processes and increase the efficiency of applications. In addition, GPUs allow you to create high-quality graphics and realistic visualizations, making them an ideal choice for gaming applications and virtual reality. By choosing a server with GPU, you get a powerful and versatile tool capable of solving a wide range of tasks with high performance and efficiency.

    It is wise to choose servers that support your business and ensure its growth in the long term.

    Zomro offers more than just GPU servers. We strive for innovation and flexibility, providing customers with their unique needs. Our GPU servers offer advanced technologies and a wide range of settings to meet the diverse requirements of projects. But what makes Zomro truly special is our personalized approach. We are ready to work with each client individually to understand your personal requirements and provide the optimal solution for each case. In addition, our round-the-clock technical support ensures that you always receive assistance in any questions and situations. Combined with our reliable infrastructure and reliable server hosting in Europe, Zomro is the perfect choice for those looking for high-class GPU hosting.

    GPU servers are not just technology, they are a powerful tool for overcoming complex tasks and achieving new heights in the computing field. Their unique ability to handle parallel computations and graphics processing opens the doors to new possibilities and perspectives in various fields of activity. You can also install your own software. We guarantee the confidentiality and security of the data used in the work.

    Our company offers unparalleled support, ready to help anytime, day or night, to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your project. Add to this fast and reliable hosting in our data center, and you get the perfect solution for your computing needs.