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    - is a unique site name registered on the network, entering it into the address bar will lead to the site that has this name. A domain is an integral part of a business that also affects the search engine. Depending on the goals of the site and the subject of the business, you can get a positive influence of the domain on promotion on the network. Choosing the right domain name can lead to higher rankings, increased brand potential, attention to the site in the search engine results, trust in the company, and competent reputation management. 
    How to choose a good name? First, brainstorm to decide what you want, consider as many options as possible and choose the best one. Try to create something unique and special, simplify the name for easy reference. If you have chosen the final version, then be sure that you like it. The ideal domain is ready.

    Domain name that affect the result of website promotion:


    • Age. At the moment, the age of a domain name is not particularly important, but it is still better that it be sufficient because the earlier a domain is registered, the more trust it has. This shows the reliability and seriousness of the company.
    • Domain history. Before you buy a domain, be sure to check its history. Look whether it did not fall under the filter of search engines, otherwise, you will face difficulties in the future. But don't worry, mainly domains have a good history.
    • Simplicity. Keep the domain as simple and short as possible so that it is memorable. It will be easier to write it down without making mistakes, apply it to the logo and promote it as a brand.
    • Domain zone. Choose a national or regional domain. Find out the target audience of which region and take the one that will be closest. Also, if you can afford a .com domain, then choose it.
    • Keyword. In the address, the keyword is a definite plus. The closer to the beginning of the name is, the higher the meaning of this word. Thus, there will be more chances to attract the target audience. By matching the name to the key query, then the visitor is more likely to find what he was looking for on the site.
    • Brand. A characteristic domain name will allow you to determine the subject of the site and increase the relevance for queries. A brand name in a domain is a great solution, as it will also influence the amount of targeted traffic, behavioural factors and recognition.

    The right domain will make your site recognizable, aesthetically pleasing and meet SEO parameters. Also, do not forget to regularly renew the domain so that there are no unforeseen situations and you do not lose what you have been working on for so long.

    If in doubt, we are always ready to help in all matters and recommend the best solutions.