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    Often site owners have a question of choosing a hosting. It can be both paid and free hosting.

    The right hosting choice depends on:

    1. website promotion;
    2. performance and functionality;
    3. accessibility and competitiveness;
    4. attractiveness of the site to visitors.

    Today we will talk about free hosting.


    Free hosting


    Is a very tempting offer. The main advantage is, of course, the absence of a fee, but free products usually have their pitfalls.

    Let's look at all the disadvantages of free hosting so that there are no surprises if you decide to use hosting on free terms:

    1. There may be fees for additional services and hidden costs, and you will only be able to use limited functionality for free. Procedures to improve the resource will also be paid;
    2. Your personal information may be transferred to third parties;
    3. A small amount of free space is provided on the server, and, in addition, there will be limits on the size of uploaded files;
    4. Transferring a site from free hosting to a paid hosting is usually very problematic and sometimes even impossible;
    5. Poor and weak security and vulnerability to hacking attempts by intruders;
    6. The company may close at any time, the site may be deleted without explanation, and such a hoster does not bear any responsibility for the safety of data and does not give any guarantees since there is also no data backup;
    7. You will be flooded with advertising;
    8. You will encounter a slow loading speed of the site pages because there will be a lot of "neighbours" with you, and there are no guarantees that the site will work smoothly - it will often be unavailable;
    9. Low-quality service - you can't expect help from technical support, it is either minimal, or it simply doesn't exist;
    10. You will not be able to get any statistics and analytics;
    11. There are not all levels of domains basically there may be a third level, which implies low positions in search engines, their attention and the impossibility of promotion, and the domain itself will not belong to you;
    12. Such hosting can give bad credibility to advertisers and users and a lack of uniqueness.

    Unfortunately, the cons outweigh the pros. Therefore, if we talk about serious projects, it is better to place them on paid hosting to minimize risks. In addition, free hosting may not fit the requirements of the site. The free one can be used to host small websites or homepages. And as the saying goes: "The miser pays twice." Free and paid hosting have different goals and are built for various tasks. So think carefully before making a decision and making a choice of hosting.