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    You have created a unique project, spent a lot of time on it and now you get a finished result, but what next? Users keep an eye out for interesting tools and follow all updates closely. To make your service available for customers, you need to publish it, not just create.

    For a successful launch of an app, you must meet its requirements, and the choice of hosting should be quite appropriate and deliberate. It is always worth considering the various nuances that can affect the development of a mobile app in one way or another.

    Whether you want to create a mobile app to complement your website or reach a new audience for your brand, this article looks at important points to enable you to realize a unique idea.


    Best hosting types and their benefits


    When it comes to choosing a hosting service, it is important to consider their advantages and disadvantages. Although the main purpose of each is to store your resource's information, they differ in terms of features: storage capacity, control, server speed and reliability, technical knowledge requirements.

    To help you find the best option, we have put together some popular types of hosting, namely:


    1. Shared hosting


    Shared hosting is a great choice for start-ups and small web projects. By hosting an application on a shared server, you will be sharing it with many other users. Each website on the server will have a limited number of resources as defined by their specific hosting plan.

    For instance, shared hosting plans have a preconfigured operating system and server software. They are cost-effective and do not require much technical knowledge to get started.


    2. Dedicated server


    Dedicated server can solve your problems with limited resources and the nuances of sharing, as well as providing many additional benefits.

    With the entire server at your disposal, you'll forget about the significant risks and challenges of shared hosting. Whatever you host on a dedicated server, the software will run faster and your platform's load speed will be significantly reduced.

    Choosing a reliable hosting service for your software, check out plans. By owning an entire server, you have the option of purchasing additional resources and setting up your security system. A dedicated server is more expensive, but it's a great value for the money you spend on it.


    3. VPS server


    If you are looking for a cost-effective yet efficient hosting option, a VPS server is the right one for you. The features of a VPS are not much different from a dedicated server, but all users have their own guaranteed resources.

    There is no need to share RAM or CPU with others, and you can configure the server individually for your project. This type of hosting guarantees increased security and full control over your product. VPS plans are reasonably priced and offer attractive terms and conditions. If you want to run special configurations on the server, Zomro allows you to install your own operating system and software.


    4. Cloud hosting


    Unlike traditional servers, cloud hosting places an app or website on the network, thereby providing greater flexibility and scalability.

    Interconnected server systems ensure that there are no outages or long downtime for your application. If one server goes down, another takes over by default without affecting your platform in any way.

    Highly attractive advantages of a cloud server are the economic cost and the ability to scale your resources instantly. You only pay for in-use services and can increase or decrease throughput or RAM with a few clicks.


    Brief summary


    In recent years, mobile apps have increasingly gained popularity. Previously every brand or business was able to compete through websites, today almost everyone is striving to create their own unique platform.

    Hosting your mobile app is an individual decision. First, you should look at the features you need for your app, and then do a thorough review of each plan. Nevertheless, favorable conditions and guaranteed server uptime are indispensable factors when choosing a server, and does an excellent job of this.