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    Preparing for cryptocurrency payment


    In this guide, we will use the Binance exchange, but you can use any other exchange. 

    Register, complete verification, and purchase cryptocurrency for the desired amount. 
    Detailed instructions for these steps are available on the website

    In this case, we will consider payment with BNB cryptocurrency, as it has the lowest fee, but any other cryptocurrency will work. 
    Important: When depositing, consider the fee. For BNB, it is 0.0005 BNB (≈ €0.152504). Therefore, you need to deposit an amount greater than the payment. The minimum payment amount is ~ 30 Euros.

    Next, we need to obtain our wallet address in the BNB system. In case of payment issues, the funds will be returned to this address. 

    Go to the spot wallet deposit page -

    Select the BNB cryptocurrency and the BNB Beacon Chain (BEP2) network



    Save your wallet address and MEMO. You will need them for payment in the future. 


    Making a cryptocurrency payment:


    In Binance, go to the spot wallet:, select the cryptocurrency and click on "Withdrawal":




    In a separate tab, in your personal account, create a payment and go to the payment page.


    A limited time of 15 minutes is provided for payment. If the transfer is made after this time, the transaction will be returned to your wallet. 
    Select the desired cryptocurrency (This action is only available for payments over 30 euros).





    Enter the number of our wallet and MEMO, which were saved in the previous step:



    Click "Continue" and go to the payment details:



    Copy the wallet number, MEMO, and paste them into the adjacent Binance transfer tab. 

    Add the Binance fee to the received amount. 

    For example, if our payment amount is 0.10842176 BNB + the fee amount is 0.0005 BNB, then in the end, you need to specify: 0.10892176 BNB


    Make the payment and wait for the funds to be credited. You will receive a notification in the payment tab. 



    The payment time depends on the cryptocurrency, network, and exchange. It can take several minutes or several hours. 

    If the transaction is completed but the amount is not credited to your balance after 4 hours, create a ticket in our system and provide the transaction ID, wallet number you paid to, and the selected cryptocurrency. We will help you credit the payment. 





    1. We recommend making payments for a long period, at least 3 months. This way, you will save on fees, and we will provide you with an additional discount for service renewal

    2. To save on purchasing cryptocurrency, you can use the BestChange exchanger monitoring, you can find the desired payment method (card, QIWI electronic wallet, Webmoney, other cryptocurrencies, etc.) and choose the best exchanger with the best exchange rate for yourself, and then buy cryptocurrency to your wallet. 

    3. If your exchange/service does not allow you to set the exact amount required for payment (number of coins) - specify a smaller amount, and after payment, contact us with a ticket, indicating the transaction ID and cryptocurrency for partial/incomplete payment crediting.