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    What if I told you that you could find out exactly what type of website you need, within just 5 minutes? In this article, I’ll walk you through the 6 different types of websites and their features to help you pick the right one, for your requirements. 

    Keep on reading to find out what are the types of websites and which one you need. 


    1. Business Websites



    A business website represents a business and its general information to users. 


    For instance, you can visit McDonald’s website to determine their pricing, their brand story, their standalone values, and much more. Similarly, you can walk through Apple’s business website to get information about their upcoming launches. 

    A business website may also offer an online customer support service. Users can communicate with a customer support agent and ask for help in some regard. 


    2. Portfolio & CV Websites



    Portfolio websites are a great way for artists, designers, content writers, and other skilled individuals to display their work. 


    They can showcase the samples of their previous work on their portfolio website so that a prospect can review the samples and determine if that person the fit for the job. A portfolio site may also have a contact form to allow prospects to easily communicate with the site owner. 

    On the other hand, CV sites are somewhat similar to portfolio websites but tend to be more formal. Employees can use their CV website to apply for a job rather than mailing a hard copy of the CV to the HR manager.


    3. eCommerce Websites



    eCommerce websites allow users to perform business over the internet. You can take eCommerce sites as online shops where a user can buy products using their credit/debit card or another payment gateway. 


    These websites generally come with a delivery service and ship the purchased product to the buyer’s home. Some popular examples of eCommerce websites are Amazon and eBay. 


    4. News Websites



    Websites that deliver some sort of news are called news websites. They may cover international or regional news. Other than that, some news sites share general news whereas others specialize in delivering news regarding a certain niche, like Technology. 


    USAToday, BuzzFeed, and New York Times are some great popular news sites on the internet. Moreover, CNET is another news corporation that shares news related to Technology in particular. 


    5. Blogs 



    Blogs are informational websites that usually present content in the form of blog posts. What you’re reading right now is a blog post, published on our blog. 


    The blog websites are usually combined with a business website. Companies use their blog to educate their customers and share news regarding their products/services. Having a blog can help a company reach a wider audience. 


    6. Landing Pages



    A landing page is a standalone page that the user lands on when they click on a social media ad or a link from the email of the company. Generally, the user is encouraged to take some action on the landing page. 


    An example is to convince the visitor to download a free eBook by submitting their email. The company can then send emails to that individual and market their products. 

    How to Choose the Right Type of Website?

    Deciding on what type of website you need doesn’t have to be hard. If you want to create a website that represents your company, go for a business website. If you offer services and looking to showcase your previous work, create a portfolio website.

    Whichever type of website fits your needs, pay close attention to what kind of design your competitors are using. You can come up with an even better website structure and design to outrun your competitor in the long run. Buy vps from zomro