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    Visual brand building is an important step that should be fulfilled knowingly and with full responsibility.

    A logo is the foundation of any business’s corporate identity.
    Look for inspiration. Check out the logos of other companies, look at the branding of the most famous brands in the world. Don't copy your competitors. Create something unique, something that will be only yours. Don't be afraid to experiment to find that ‘yours’ 
    Define your target audience. The logo should be attractive for it. Consider the psychology of color and shape perception.
    Create a timeless logo. It should stay stylish for many years to come. It should be future-oriented, or so-called long-lasting design. Do not chase the trends, as they may become irrelevant over time.
    Keep it simple and use spatial balance correctly. 
    "Play" with fonts. Fonts can convey emotions, be strict or soft, can depend on the type of the company activity and future perception.
    Check adaptability or the way the logo looks on a small and large scale, how it looks in black and white, and if all the details are clearly defined and visible.

    A few criteria to create a perfect logo:

    - Legibility and readability

    - Memorability and a clear description

    - Displaying the image and mission of the company

    - Style and attractiveness

    - Comprehensibility and versatility

    - Don't overdo the details, get rid of the unnecessary things

    - Stay on top of trends

    A logo is the face of the company and the beginning of the brand. Consider all the details - from the idea to the implementation, also emphasize the merits.

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