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    Your site’s ranking on Google plays a massive role in whether it gets enough engagements from viewers. You see, no business or personal blog excels without appearing at the top spots on popular search engines. 
    Needless to say, it’s important to pay close attention to improving your ranking to make your site succeed. 
    In this article, we discuss some of the top tactics you could adapt to boost your WordPress site’s ranking in 2022 and beyond. 

    Let’s dive in. 


    • Get a good hosting service 

    First and foremost, your hosting service needs to be top-notch if you’d like your site to appear on top. Google prioritizes websites that load faster, and your website would never load fast if it’s built on a slow and unreliable hosting service. 
    Choosing a good hosting service will instantly boost your site’s speed, which in return, will help you get better spots on Google results. 
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    • Post awesome content 

    Your website won’t rank higher if it doesn’t have high-quality, valuable content. That’s it. 
    You see, written pieces of content are a major source of website traffic. People will end up on your website while looking for answers to their questions. If you publish useful content that answers the readers’ questions in a way they want, your website will eventually start performing better. That’s because when a user prefers to come back to a site again and again, and stay on it for extended periods — Google considers it a green flag to prioritize that site. 
    Furthermore, make sure your content is SEO-optimized. Besides being useful and higher-quality, your content needs to be optimized for all the important keywords related to the topic. 



    • Optimize your webpages 

    Another important aspect highlighting the importance of keywords; make sure all of your web pages are optimized with relevant keywords. 
    Every keyword you use must be of high value. You don’t want to rank for keywords that aren’t related to your niche. 
    Furthermore, make sure you’re not spamming keywords in your content. Keyword spamming is a big fat NO when it comes to site ranking, especially in 2022 when Google is clever enough to differentiate between optimization and spamming.  
    Alongside keyword optimization, make sure your web pages are optimized for speed and user experience. It must load as fast as it can. Plus, it needs to look good and attractive; that’s the only way users will stay on it for extended periods. 

    Website ranking has been an important factor in business success for years now. However, it’s getting even more important in 2022 and beyond as the world keeps going more and more digital. 

    In this article, we have talked about the top 3 things you must do to boost your WordPress site’s ranking in 2022.