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    As always in the IT industry, it seems that there are many new words, phrases, and technologies that you need to learn about. In this article, we want to discuss - virtual dedicated server. What is often called a virtual dedicated server or VDS for short, is a cloud offering of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) that allows users to provide a dedicated or isolated server on the Internet. This means that the end user gets all the benefits of a local server without requiring physical hardware space.
    If you are new to the world of virtual dedicated servers and wondering why this should be of interest to you, why not consider some of the great ways to make money by offering them.


    Offer web hosting through your VDS


    One of the best ways to make money with VDS is web hosting. Most new start-up companies and websites do not have the funds to invest in their own virtual private server, which makes VDS very attractive. If they are not familiar with using and managing a virtual server or hosting control panels, don't worry, the Zomro team will do it all for you.


    Offer VPN to clients with your dedicated server


    Due to their capabilities and increased security they offer to users, virtual private networks are currently incredibly popular and are likely to remain so. Creating a VPN website and selling VPN services is a great way to make money with a virtual dedicated server. Virtual private networks have many advantages, including the fact that they provide anonymity by hiding your personal data and the data of your clients and customers, secure connections for remote employees, and avoid data interception and bandwidth.


    Sell virtual dedicated servers


    You can step back from intermediaries a bit and make money by buying, using your dedicated server, to sell virtual servers to clients. Various service providers offer virtualization systems such as VMware and KVM. While there is a lot of overlap between VPN and virtual servers, this is because virtual servers can serve as VPNs. They can also be used as data storage services and hosting services, to name a few others.


    Sell backup servers


    Having backups in the digital age we live in has never been so important, as the methods and techniques used by hackers and cybercriminals are constantly evolving. However, if you have limited physical space, you can invest in a virtual alternative, such as a virtual dedicated server. They can be heavily encrypted and it is very convenient to have them on-site, so that if something happens to the server used daily, computers and you lose all your data or critical business systems, you can have a ready-made backup and wait to use it on a VPS to minimize downtime.


    If you want to learn more about virtual dedicated servers, their benefits, and prices, follow this link. There you will find a complete breakdown of prices and various specification details associated with each available option.