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    Web hosting is a core component of your website. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business site, an eCommerce store, a portfolio, or anything else — web hosting makes a huge difference in the number of visitors you get. 
    You see, if your website is fast and has a great UX, Google will rank it higher in the search results. Furthermore, people will prefer coming back to it again and staying for extended periods — which of course, is exactly what you want. 
    The web hosting you choose will deeply affect the way your website performs. We get it, you can’t go out there and purchase the latest and greatest web hosting, especially if you’re starting out. In such cases, people often try to harness a free web hosting service. But free hosting has a lot of downsides that you must be aware of. 

    In this article, we talk about the few benefits of free web hosting — and the many disadvantages that you will have to face. 

    Advantages of free web hosting

    Here are a few benefits of free web hosting that make it viable in some specific scenarios. 

    It’s free
    First and foremost, a free web hosting service could be great because, well, it’s free. You don’t have to pay anything to use it. If you’re short on funds and can’t afford to spend on web hosting, a free service may come in handy.

    It’s great for learning purposes
    If you’re getting into the web hosting space and want to try out your knowledge practically, free web hosting may be for you. You can apply your knowledge practically to learn everything about how it works. 

    It’s good for non-profit organizations
    If you are a small non-profit organization working to make the world a better place, you may benefit from free web hosting. However, modern web hosting services aren’t that expensive, to begin with. So, free hosting is only recommended for really small organizations that can’t afford to spend a dime on hosting. 

    Disadvantages of free web hosting 

    Here are some disadvantages you may face if you have opted-in for a free web hosting service. 

    It’s going to be slow
    First and foremost, your website may not load at a quick pace. Depending on the quality of service you choose, the pages may take forever to load. 

    You won’t get the main domain
    Your domain name will look something like website-name/ The service will put their name at the end of your subdomain’s name. 

    No technical support
    If you ever run into a problem and require technical support, there won’t be anyone to help you out. Free services usually don’t have a customer support department. 

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