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    As technology becomes more digital and consumer attitudes and behaviors change, it is possible to take a fresh look at the benefits of email marketing for business promotion.

    Why is this method great?

    The largest coverage of all channels.

    Although social networks have billions of active users, their marketing reach is still smaller than email marketing. People have more email accounts than social media accounts and use them more often.

    Email marketing still provides the highest ROI.

    Many companies find that email delivers good to excellent ROI and is a leader in this regard.

    Email increases sales.

    The ultimate goal of marketing is to increase revenue, and emails do drive sales. Over 80% of consumers will make a purchase after seeing a product in an email, especially when it comes with a special offer.

    Email helps keep customers.

    The use of personalization has made email an ideal channel for sending product recommendations and targeted special offers. Over 90% of users prefer companies that remember their preferences, interests, and habits and that provide personalized recommendations. This has resulted in email contributing to customer retention.
    Users will retain brand engagement when they receive emails with content they find valuable. This includes emails that arrive at the right time and allow consumers to place orders, watch videos, vote in polls, or follow their favorite brands on social media.

    Email marketing is ideal for mobile devices.

    One of the biggest shifts in user behavior is the move to mobile devices. Over 50% of emails are opened on a user's phone. When both email and site are mobile-friendly, users can easily read emails, follow links, and go directly to the landing page, no matter where the user is.
    This mobile-friendliness delivers the customer experience that the modern user expects from the brands they follow, and makes it easy to shop on the go. Optimizing emails for use on smartphone screens is a way to make them more effective.

    A cheap way to attract new customers.

    Compared to other methods of attracting new customers, email is by far the most cost-effective solution. If you want to attract more customers, then email is the obvious choice.
    Email marketing still plays a critical role in business development. It is the most cost-effective marketing solution in terms of customer acquisition and ROI; it simultaneously attracts new customers and helps retain existing ones; it is designed to run on the mobile devices that consumers are increasingly using to access the Internet; and importantly, it can be incorporated into advanced digital systems that deliver the personalization that today's consumer expects from brands that deliver enhanced customer experiences.

    When email marketing is engaging, has genuine value for customers, and sends them to site pages that are optimized and personalized for them, the benefits are even greater.

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