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    While any page on a site can be a landing page, not all pages are designed to generate sales and leads. When you're trying to turn visitors into customers, a well thought out and effective landing page can be the most important one on your site.

    Landing pages

    Landing pages have a single purpose: to convince the reader to take your product.
    When someone visits a landing page, they need to learn about the offer to decide if they want to become a customer.
    You are not selling a product or service; you are selling the benefits of using the product. Your client wants to overcome any problem your offer creates. It would help if you show how you eliminate their difficulties and solve their problems.
    Present a problem and indicate how your product works to solve the problem.

    If you understand your customers, you can meet their needs.

    Even the best-written landing page won't serve a business without a clear call to action. The goal of a landing page is to encourage the visitor to take one step: become a customer.

    Since the purpose of such a page of the site is to encourage the visitor to make a conversion, several elements should be taken into account when writing it:

    Attention-grabbing title

    You have a few seconds to grab the reader's attention. Your title should be attractive enough for the reader to want to keep browsing the page. This is not the place to be mysterious or intelligent. Let the buyer know that this is what he was looking for, as simply as possible.


    Now it's time to explain how you are going to benefit in more detail. This is where your unique value proposition entices visitors to read on.


    Once the reader understands the problem they are facing, you begin to talk more about your product or service: lists of features, comparisons with other products, or a detailed description of how your product works.
    It's time to show how your product is better, simpler, faster, and cheaper. And at the same time, explain how you solve their problem.


    If you want to optimize conversion rates, a clear and simple pricing statement and options should be on the landing page.
    Please note that the company needs to talk to a potential client to determine the price in some cases. In these cases, costs may be omitted from the page, but all other principles still apply. In this case, the action you want them to take is to schedule a consultation, for example.


    Testimonials are a powerful way to convince potential customers that you offer a quality product. A good review enhances customer value.
    Another kind of proof is any awards you have received.

    Call to action

    This is the moment it all comes down to. Get the visitor to click the "Buy Now" button or similar. The button should stand out from the rest of the page and this will attract the reader.

    There are also additional items

    which you can add to your page: images, videos, bonus offers, logos of existing customers, your biography or a brief description of the company, satisfaction guarantee, awards, certificates, partnerships, ratings, frequently asked questions, alternative call to action.
    But remember that adding too many distractions or choices will lower the page's conversion rate.
    Each landing page element serves the same purpose: to get the visitor to take an action and make a purchase.

    With careful planning, testing, and application of recommendations, you will see increased conversions and more sales.