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    Check out a couple of proven tips to learn how an online store can increase traffic, increase sales and improve customer experience:


    1. Optimize the ordering process.



    Long and inconvenient buying paths can be a significant barrier to sales.


    If the checkout process requires too much information or is inconvenient for users, you will lose sales.

    Don't ask people to register before buying. Please give them the option to register, but don't make it mandatory.

    Ask only for essential details.

    Offer multiple payment methods.

    Specify the cost of delivery.


    2. Optimize your site for speed.




    Site and page load speed is important because a higher page load speed means = a higher bounce rate and fewer sales. Yes, and for Google is a ranking factor.


    3. Update product visuals.





    Online shopping makes it impossible to see, touch and try products.


    One way to grab attention is to enhance product photos and use videos.


    4. Simplify your website structure.



    Easy navigation = more sales.


    Why? If customers can't find what they're looking for, they won't buy it (for obvious reasons).


    5. Make sure your hosting can handle a significant increase in traffic.



    Can your website handle the extra traffic?


    An unexpected spike in traffic can slow down sites or even break a site. Be prepared ahead of time.


    6. Make sure the site is optimized for mobile devices.



    This is important at any time of the year. If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, the result will be lower rankings, less traffic, and fewer conversions.


    7. Offer samples with purchasing.




    It's not suitable for all industries, but it's perfect for companies that distribute consumables (e.g. beauty and toiletries, sweets, food, drinks - anything that can be produced and distributed in miniature).


    Just offer a free sample package on your first purchase. This is an incentive to buy, but it can also increase your customer's return rate.


    8. Increase traffic with contests and surveys



    Contests and surveys are an easy, effective and cheap way to drive traffic and customers to your site. It's also a great way to grow your email mailing list. Many brands create a page containing a simple question and application form.


    9. Create social media ads.




    To maximize your ROI, you need to make sure you're targeting the right people.


    10. Schedule your marketing emails.




    Always send customer mailing lists to offer them something exciting and keep them updated.


    11. Create an abandoned cart newsletter.




    Abandoned carts account for approximately 69%.


    This happens for many reasons, but often the buyer is distracted and forgets to click "buy". This is where abandoned cart emails come in. It's just a friendly reminder that you already have items in your shopping cart.


    12. Provide excellent customer service.



    This is one of the most important reasons people will buy from you and come back. Therefore, first-class service is the key to success.


    13. Reward loyal customers with a gift or special offer.




    Do you want to strengthen customer loyalty? Then why not reward them with a special gift or offer they can't refuse? Personalize a gift or offer to receive bonus points. Valuable customers are much more likely to return.


    14. Increase the number of ways customers can contact you.




    Not everyone wants to pick up the phone or wait for an email to be answered. If you haven't already, offer support via chat and social media.


    Just make sure you manage your support channels so that when a customer contacts you, someone will answer them.

    We wish you good luck in sales and success in business.

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