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    Google Trends

    helps to understand what people are looking for on the Internet and allows you to analyze seasonality and trends for free, forecast demand.

    Have you ever wondered what people are looking for on Google? Do you know what are the most searched keywords on Google? If you want to know, Google Trends is a useful tool to help you with this. It shows search trends for any given word since 2004.

    Google Trends is very easy to use and often provides interesting information about keyword popularity and media coverage.
    Today, Google Trends shows you a breakdown of the words that are most searched on Google and the words that are trending at a point in time in Google search across countries.

    Since Google searches are mostly done by typing into the Google search bar, Google Trends revolves around keywords. It shows popularity and trends in Google and helps you understand how they change over time. It also suggests related keywords that complement the original search term. All of these features make Google Trends an incredibly valuable research tool.

    You can enter any keyword in Google Trends and see what people are searching for on Google and how its popularity changes over time. You can also compare multiple keywords and see their relative popularity. This data will be incredibly valuable for marketing or research purposes.

    What can be used:
    1. Keyword Research
    You can do free research on Google Trends by entering a specific search term in the search box on the homepage.
    Google Trends will provide a graph of search query popularity. The research feature helps you identify keywords that are growing in popularity and avoid those that become less popular over time.

    2. Search related keywords
    This feature allows you to determine more suitable and relevant keywords based on the main search term.
    Google Trends shows these words in order of their popularity and gives a percentage increase in search volume for each of them.

    3. Related Topics
    You can also use it to identify related topics for future content. Instead of showing specific search terms, this table gives an idea of the broader topics people are searching for.

    4. Expand your experience with custom search options
    Using "related queries" and other specific search options can help you find new keyword ideas.
    There are five options: internet search, image search, news search, Google shopping, YouTube search.
    Each individual click will generate results based on different segments of potential markets.

    5. Trend forecasts
    With Google Trends, you can find trending topics that are currently relevant and create fresh content. You can identify trends by filtering by specific categories or countries.

    6. Use data to optimize video
    Viewing related topics, not just related queries, can help you better optimize your video content for search.
    To do this, enter your search term, switch from a web search to a YouTube search, look for similar queries and related topics.

    With proper work with the system, you will get great opportunities for the development of your project.

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