B2B Partner Affiliate Programme

    To promote Zomro services among B2B clients, you just need to register in the affiliate program. You don't need any initial investment to do this.

    Zomro affiliates receive payments of up to 15% of the total check amount for the month. To achieve passive income, all you need to do is recommend or sell our services to your B2B clients.

    b2b partners

    Why become a B2B partner of Zomro?

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      No investment

      Just register in the B2B-Partner program and you will be able to earn from selling Zomro services without any investments.

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      Personalised support

      Every partner or your B2B customer can contact their personal consultant for help if they have any questions.

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      Flexible conditions

      We are ready to form a customized offer for your customers.

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      Favourable payments

      You will earn up to 15% commission on all payments made by the client for services during our partnership with them.

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      Free training

      Our company experts are ready to familiarize you with all the services that will be marketed to our clients for better cooperation and results.

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      Round-the-clock support

      We are ready to provide quality advice or technical support for your questions 24/7.

    What services will you be able to recommend to clients?

    virtual private services


    Learn more
    dedicated servers

    Dedicated Servers

    Learn more
    virtual hosting

    Shared Hosting

    Learn more

    How to become a Zomro partner under the B2B-Partner program?

    become a partner step 1

    STEP 1

    Contact the Business Development Department - we will answer all your questions, help you to register and open a personal account. registration and opening a partner's personal account. Assign your individual manager

    STEP 2

    Together we will work out a model of cooperation, agree on the terms of cooperation and, if necessary, conclude an individual partnership agreement. If necessary, we will conclude an individual partnership agreement.

    become a partner step 2
    become a partner step 3

    STEP 3

    You sell hosting services to your clients and set the price yourself or pass the information about potential clients to your manager. Zomro pays a commission from each service ordered by your client at the end of the month.

    All funds are credited to the balance of your personal account. If the client orders additional services and extends them, your income increases.

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    Who would be interested in working with Zomro?

    cooperation image 1 cooperation icon 1

    Telecom operators and service providers

    cooperation image 2 cooperation icon 2

    System integrators

    cooperation image 3 cooperation icon 3

    Developers and SaaS providers

    cooperation image 4 cooperation icon 4

    ERP, CRM, SCM integrators

    cooperation image 5 cooperation icon 5

    IoT, AdTech providers

    cooperation image 6 cooperation icon 6

    Internet startups

    cooperation image 7 cooperation icon 7

    WEB design studios

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